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Honeymoon in Dubrovnik, Croatia: The Pearl of the Adriatic

by Kristina Tomic
From Romantic Travel
May 14, 2008


Explore the Medieval City, Visit Nearby Islands and Discover Secluded Beaches

Spend the romantic holiday in Dubrovnik and discover why the Irish playwright and man of letters, George Bernard Shaw, who visited the city in 1929 said: "If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik."

Stroll Along the Stone Walls of Dubrovnik

Street in DubrovnikDubrovnik is the city with great historical value. It was placed on UNESCO's list of world heritage sights in 1979.

Don't miss the walk along the city walls. The walls surround preserved complex of public and private, sacral and secular buildings representing all periods of the city's history, starting from it's founding in the 7th century.

Explore the old city; fortresses, narrow streets and walk through the favourite promenade Stradun that extends between the eastern and western city gates.

The romantic spot outside the city walls is the fortress Lovrijenac. It is located on top of a high rock which is about 40m high. During the past it served many purposes, and after WWII it was returned to its original state, with a sign above the entrance: non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro or "freedom is not sold for all the gold of the world.ˮ Today it is known as the perfect location for performing Shakespeare's play "Hamletˮ during the Dubrovnik summer festival.

Nearby promenades such as Gradac Park or Sveti Jakov offer a great view on the old Dubrovnik. You can take a long walk or simply relax in the bench and enjoy the view.

When booking an accommodation, make sure you get the sea view. It's a wonderful experience to wake up with sounds of the sea splashing into shore.

lokrumTrip to Islands: Elaphiti, Lokrum, Kolocep, Lopud or Sipan

Dubrovnik archipelago is the next thing to visit on your honeymoon travel route. The closest island is in the bay of Dubrovnik - island of Lokrum, where according to legend, Richard the Lion Heart was saved after the shipwreck. On the island you can visit the fort, botanical garden, and monastery and enjoy the sun on the beautiful beaches.

From Dubrovnik port you can also take a trip to Koločep, Lopud or Šipan. They are part of group of islands called Elaphiti. There are 13 Elaphiti islands that are scattered between Pelješac and Dubrovnik. On Šipan many aristocratic Dubrovnik families used to build their summer houses. Lopud is the island that will make you come back again and experience the relaxation and vacation without cars, with intact nature, sunny sandy beaches, promenades and parks near the sea. Koločep is the island with a lot of churches, some in ruins, some preserved such as St. Srđ from 9th century, Sv. Nikola (St. Nicholas) and Sv. Trojstvo (St. Trinity) from 11th century.

Mljet: "The Honey Island" of Calypso and Homer

MljetAccording to the descriptions in Homers epic tale of The Odyssey (Ulysses), many explorers and experts consider Mljet to be the island of Ogygia - the beautiful island where the nymph Calypso held Odysseus for 7 years. The name of the island itself speaks of its beauty, which is derived from the Greek word: elite nesos, meaning "honey island.ˮ

Mljet is the national park since 1960. Ferry boat will take you from Dubrovnik to Pomena port. You can enjoy the sea and sun and walk on trails to the tops of Montokuc, where a beautiful view of the entire island can be seen. Don't miss the world phenomenon - the salt lakes.

The best way to experience Dubrovnik and the islands is by taking a cruise. Spend your honeymoon sightseeing or simply relaxing aboard.

For more information or to book at rip to Dubrovnik, please visit Adriagate Travel Agency. You can also book a cruise with Adriagate Travel Agency that offers a route in duration of 7 days boarding from Dubrovnik.

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