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A Taste of South Gulf Side Florida

Apr 16, 2014

A Taste of South Gulf Side Florida
When I get asked questions about travel to Florida I often respond by comparing the state to a women with many disguises, each of which is unique and different, but attractive just the same. Most are familiar with the prime super brand that is Disney World and all the attendant attractions... read full story

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This is Haiti!?

Jan 8, 2014

This is Haiti!?
Tour guide Rosie flashes her brilliant chipped-tooth smile and asks if we want to see the real Haiti. Of course we do. So, our small group of just a dozen culture-and-sun-seekers piles aboard the modified catamaran La Belle Kreyol to glide over crystal clear Caribbean Sea to aptly-named Paradise... read full story

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Your Guide to Clearwater Beach Uncorked

Feb 15, 2014

Your Guide to Clearwater Beach Uncorked
With a name like Clearwater Beach Uncorked, you might expect this beachfront tasting event to be all about wine. While there are dozens of wines on offer, Uncorked is very different from a typical wine tasting. In fact, I wouldn't really call it a wine tasting. If you've been intrigued by... read full story

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Flying Elephants and roller coasters

Dec 26, 2013

Flying Elephants and roller coasters
At age 11 my daughter is more of a roller coaster aficionado, but she's still willing to do classic Disney for old time's sake. You see, Grace and I are at the New Fantasyland at Disney World in Florida and the rides there are tame by her tween sensibilities. But Disney theme parks were born in... read full story
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Hiking with wolves

Jan 30, 2014

Hiking with wolves
Maya sniffs my hand, takes a step forward and offers her back for me to pat. This would be utterly mundane if Maya were a dog. But she's 100 per cent grey wolf. And wolf handler and trainer Shelley Black tells me how lucky I am to receive any affection from this regal creature. “Maya has... read full story

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