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Brian & Sherry Silver

Brian & Sherry Silver

We enjoy viewing wildlife in their natural habitat, we don't stay in 5 star resorts, we often stay in VRBO houses away from all the tourists, small groups are fine, we are out-going people, we like to experience the local culture, we eat dinner out but do
Lives in Ft. Collins, CO

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Brian & Sherry Silver has been on 1 trips to 1 different countries and has travelled an average of 0.5 times/year over the past 2 years since their first trip.

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Cynthia Pye


DestinationAlaska & Yellowstone
Place to EatPuerto Vallarta, Mexico - El Brujo's
Place to StayDon Carlos, San Jose, Costa Rica (The Margaritas Are To Die Fo

Bucket List

  1. Africa
  2. Austrailia/New Zealand
  3. Argentina

Can't Travel Without

  1. Camera
  2. Kindle
  3. Snacks