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Viewing Volcanoes, Krakatoa in Java

Trip Details

From:Jan 12, 2012
To:Jan 12, 2012
Itinerary/ActivitiesKrakatoa is illusive. And spotting her wouldn’t be easy. Later,I’d survey three volcanos. One loomed larger than life on the way to Merdeck, the port town where the Ferry ply back and forth to Sumatra and Java. I swore that was Krakatoa. But my driver, Indra, said it was one of the bigger volcanoes on Sumatra. But when I arrived to the most westerly point of Java, I didn’t see that large volcano.
Most memorable part of tripThe light house a gift by Dutch King Willem to honour those who died in Krakatoa explosion. It was built in 1885. It was still a magnificent structure and in dedication to the destructive power of Krakatoa. At the top, the wind blew hard. It was cool up here. All around us, mountain ranges hugged Western Java. And far ahead, in the straight, was a family of volcanos known as Krakatoa. Baby Krakatoa, which first surfaced from the water in 1936, lay east of Mother Krakatoa.
Useful tipsRent a car, and drive there. Or catch a bus, and go on an organized tour. If you want a package, I'd recommend you email , she is well connected , speaks english and is very helpful.

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