10 Places & travel destinations to visit in 2010

As 2010 begins, make a New Year’s resolution to take a real vacation and visit or experience one of these 10 amazing destinations before the end of the year – you won’t regret it!

10 Places to visit & experience in 2010

The team has brought together their top things-to-see-and-do-before-you-die trips from the past year just for you.  Here they are: 

See polar bears face-to-face in Churchill, Manitoba1.    Seeing polar bears face-to-face in Churchill, Manitoba is not cheap but is hands-down’s Editor’s favourite “bucket list” trip from the past year.  This little town on the coast of the Hudson Bay becomes the Polar Bear Capital of the World every late-October and thousands of visitors from around the world come to see thousands of polar bears who are milling around, waiting for sea ice to form to begin hunting season.  Read Gizelle’s four-part series: Visiting Churchill, Manitoba: Polar Bear Capital of the World.

2.    Trekking to Machu Picchu through the Lares Valley is no easy feat, but’s own Jeremy fought through cold sleepless nights and hot days of hiking to conquer the elements to reach Machu Picchu, Peru’s most popular attraction.  Read his thrilling account of his journey: the Lares Valley to Machu Picchu.

Offroading on Grand Bahama Island3.    Offroading on Grand Bahama Island is every thrill-seeker or man’s man’s must-do.  Here on the quiet landscape of Grand Bahama Island, you can get into a 4.0L Wrangler Sport Jeep and cruise through rough terrain, beautiful landscape, past mangroves, and find yourself at ancient indigenous burial caves and deserted beaches.  Read as Travis,’s co-founder, takes you through the expedition in photos: Offroading on Grand Bahama Island.

4.    Diving into a cenote in Mexico is not just any regular swim.’s Michelle braved swimming in a cenote: an underground freshwater pool inside a limestone cave.  The underground cenotes on the Yucatan peninsula near Chichen Itza was an underground world used by the Mayans.  Read about this unforgettable experience: Dive right into a cenote in Mexico or discover 5 Best-kept secret travel sites in Mexico.

Tasting Morocco5.    Tasting Morocco at the Djemaa el Fna night market in Marrakech is another experience of a lifetime.  Here in Marrakech at one of the world’s largest markets, you can sit, watch, and soak in the busy, buzzing, exotic atmosphere while tasting authentic Moroccan dishes like lamb’s head or lentil soup.  Find out more about How to eat like a local in Morocco; How to eat like a local in the Bahamas; or How to eat like a local in Shanghai.

6.    Camping on the Great Wall of China is truly the best way to see the Great Wall of China.’s Steve travelled from Beijing for a trekking and camping trip to the Great Wall of China where he slept at one of the wall’s ancient guard towers.  Find out more about Steve’s journey: Climbing the Great Wall of China & spending the night

Sunset in Puerto Vallarta7.    Sunset chasing in Puerto Vallarta is easy, says Gizelle, Editor of, when every sunset lights up the sky with bright pinks, oranges, and purples above the bay and the Sierra Madre Mountains.  Not only is Puerto Vallarta great for sunsets, but it’s one of Mexico’s top spots for authentic dining.  Find out more: Culinary getaways in Puerto Vallarta on any budget.

8.    Winter getaways to Quebec.  Whether you’re interested in adventure or spa, winter is the best time to visit Quebec, Canada.  You can go spa hopping at Quebec’s Nordic spas for a taste of Scandinavia like our spa expert, Anne Dimon did.  On the other hand, for an adrenaline rush, our eco-adventure expert Bryen shares about his experience Ice canyoning at Mont Sainte-Anne.  Finally, if you’re a hungry traveller, don’t miss out on rich French food at these Best dining spots in Montreal for another great reason to visit Quebec.   

Photo provided by Liz Fleming9.    Staying with a Maori tribe in New Zealand is one of the most authentic cultural experiences you can have.  Our own Liz Fleming tells about her trip to New Zealand and the true Maori welcome that she experienced – not to mention how she survived a night sleeping in a traditional Maori marae.  Read more in Experiencing a true Maori welcome in New Zealand or find out about Six adventures of a lifetime in New Zealand.

10. Girl’s adventure getaway to Kauai doesn’t stop at just manicures, pedicures, and relaxing on the beach.  In Kauai, pampering is only half the fun on an island filled with adventures and activities to be experienced.  From surf lessons at Hanalei Bay, one of the best beaches in the world, to going on a zipline safari through the exotic jungles of Kauai, it’s the ultimate girl’s getaway.  Read more in an Unforgettable girl’s getaway to Kauai.

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