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5 – Best winter sun destinations to escape the chill

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Are you looking to escape the cold or wanted to soak up in the winter sun at some amazing yet affordable holiday destination? Here is the list of some of the best winter sun destination to escape the chill.

1.     Small island hiking, Canaries

 Small island hiking, CanariesThis is the perfect gateway for the winter sun destination. An affordable trip to a very pleasant and warm place. The Canary Islands is Europe’s one of the best winter sun destination and that too in a low-cost price and on a budget. La Gomera is the place when you are looking out for some most affordable winter warmth to enjoy. T

his place has very nice beaches at the small harbor of Valle Gran. They have very nice and reasonably affordable restaurants nearby. You can enjoy the sun at some open beaches under the sun with some delicious food at the restaurant. With your favorite drink, enjoy the boats in the boats in the ports all day under the sun and the beautiful sunset. The Canaries have some nice option for hiking at the small island which is just perfect for adventure lovers and also ideal for the winters.

2.     Cyprus

CyprusCyprus is Located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea excellent to break your winter routine and have some nice sunny experience. Filled with culture, mouthwatering food and amazing views to offer. It is rich in its culture, tradition and rich history. This place has some excellent fascinating island country and amazing nature parks to archeological sites to have some nice view to visit.

Also, if you want to visit some of the best museums and restaurant, Nicosia, Countries capital has some amazing museum. If you are in a mood to have some party at night, Limassol is the best place for you. Limassol is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus which is famous for its lively nightlife. Enjoy the nightlife and go and explore Cyprus.

3.     Mexico

MexicoThis is true that Mexico is at its coldest if you visit this place in the middle of the winters. Temperature floats around 30 °C with little rainfall but the place gets plenty of sunshine. You will experience a lot of winter sunshine along its Caribbean coast.

Tropical hotels at Cancun which experience dry season during the winters attract people from all over the world. Sunseekers come to the Caribbean –coast to enjoy the famous white sand beaches and its beauty with amazing turquoise water.

Cancun has some amazing restaurants, lively nightclubs, and bars which are ideal for the people if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. Whereas on the other side, the city completely balances the wonder of the ancient history and culture with Mayan sites that make it the perfect cultural spot.

If you are in Mexico and head towards the east coast, you must visit “Museo Subacuatic de Arte which is an underwater museum where you will get chance to try scuba diving which will make your holiday even more exciting.

4.     Florida

FloridaFlorida experiences lovely and warm sun. If you want to soak up in the winter sun, Florida is ideal for your winter sun holiday other than America. Temperature remains around 20° c around this time of the year and you will also experience warmth at the beaches. You can easily enjoy a morning relaxation routine on the beach or can swim if you like to splash in the water. For having some nice sun around the city as well as exploring the city, you can head to the famous Universal Studio Orlando and also Walt Disney resort which is world famous. There is so much to travel and explore here at Florida apart from the beach. These places provide entertainment for people in different age group.

5.     Morocco

MoroccoPerched on the edge of Sahara Desert, Morocco remains warm throughout the winter. This is the best place to get the best winter sun if you head to the alluring city of Marrakech. You will get some traditional Moroccan house called as Riad to relax after getting soaked in the sun the whole day. If you are looking for some value hotel, Riad Chi- Chi is a great option; it is one of the best value boutique hotels you will find.

Situated at the heart of the Medina, here the prices start from £48 which is very affordable. Another option to get sun-soaked is a trip to Agadir which is equally affordable and will give you the best winter sun holiday experience.

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