5 Sights Every American Should Visit: Virginia Family Holidays


Visit Virginia, the most historical state in the United States. A state filled with history, culture, mountains, wineries, beaches, home to many of our Presidents. Woodrow Wilson, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Munroe, to mention a few.

Virginia is a great destination for families, a holiday in Virginia is a great opportunity for both younger and older generations to learn about and visit the most famous and historic of all the sites in the United States – in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Fun for everyone5 Virginia Attractions Every American Should Visit!

Virginia is for lovers – but is also perfect for families, couples, kids and history-buffs! Read on to find out about the five attractions in Virginia that every American should visit!

1) Historic Jamestown Island is the location the first permanent English speaking settlement, where Native American, African and European cultures and customs were joined together to become Americans. This was once the home of Pocahontas, John Smith, John Rolfe and others – and was also where the USA’s democratic form of government was established. Visit the site of the first permanent settlement and take a look at the artefacts found at the Archaerium Museum.

Soldiers2) Jamestown Settlement nearby is a re-creation of the island as it was when the first European settlers arrived. Learn how 17th century people lived day-in and day-out. Sights here include the Indian Village, three ships that brought the 104 men and boys to this country, a fort and a museum. Adults and children can join in and participate in the many interactive activities and scenes depicting the lives of original settlers.

3) Colonial Williamsburg. Put on a colonial hat and enter 18th century Colonial Williamsburg. Visitors can walk in the footsteps of America’s founding fathers, see and hear the townspeople speak of their lives and times, listen to speeches and talks about a revolution, concerns with the British Governor and hopes to be independent. Partake in a tavern meal while enjoying 18th century fare and listening to music by balladeers. Join in on exciting interactive evening shows and theatre, like ‘Cry Witch’ and help the jury decide whether Grace Sherwood is guilty or innocent.

4) Yorktown is where many fought the British for independence and won. You can visit the battlefield where General George Washington fought the English General Cornwallis.

5) Civil War History & Sites. If you are a Civil War buff, there’s no better place than Virginia. In fact, more Civil War battles where fought in Virginia than any other state in the United States.

Escape to Virginia this Summer for Family Holidays!

These sights are just the start of Virginia and the making of memories – there is so more to see and do! Since 1981, Virginia Escape has been making memories for those visitors coming to this wonderful historic and exciting state. Families can also combine Virgina tours with a trip to Washington, D.C. – just 2.5 hours away by car.

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