6 Reasons to Book a Luxury Hotel for Your Next Vacation

Vacations can be expensive. By the time you have spent money on flights, transfers, and accommodation, you probably won’t have much change left over from a few thousand dollars. Not surprisingly, plenty of travelers go down the budget route and look for cheap flights and a flat-share on Airbnb. If you are a poor student on a gap year, who can blame you, but if you want a premium vacation experience, nothing beats a luxury hotel.

They say you get what you pay for when you travel, and this is very true in the accommodation sector. When you book a cheap hotel, cheap is rarely cheerful. Some people don’t mind sharing a cramped, hot room with a family of cockroaches, but if this is your only vacation, it makes sense to go the extra mile and spend as much as you can afford. Here are six reasons why luxury is the smart choice.

Better Value

Value is subjective, but if value for money means a more relaxing vacation, you certainly get plenty of value for money when you book a luxury holiday. Yes, you will pay more, but at the end of the day, the experience will be a thousand times better.

A Good Night’s Sleep

If you have ever shared a room with the aforementioned family of cockroaches, no air conditioning, and your immediate neighbors partying up a storm in the next room, you will be familiar with how much fun insomnia on vacation can be. What’s the point of spending your vacation sleeping in the sun after a poor night’s sleep? You could just as easily do that at home!

VIP Perks

Luxury hotels offer all kinds of VIP perks, from free room upgrades to complimentary breakfasts and concierge service. It sure beats having to ring down to ask the manager to fix the air-conditioning… again!

Responsive Service

Service matters a lot when you are on vacation. The last thing you want is to spend an hour waiting to check-in and check-out. You also need to know the hotel will handle any problems quickly and efficiently. For example, if there is an issue with your room, would you rather put up with it or be moved into a new suite on a different floor within an hour of lodging a complaint?

Luxury hotels aim to please, which is more than can be said for cheap hotels operating on a shoestring.

Better Entertainment

Entertainment isn’t a deal breaker for some people, but it is nice to have a choice. Luxury hotels offer a range of quality entertainment for guests, from pool exercise classes to evening cabaret shows. With so much to see and do, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation in your resort.

Better Food

There is nothing worse than a dose of salmonella on vacation. Booking a luxury hotel guarantees you excellent food and no food poisoning.

Book a luxury hotel for your next vacation and find out what you have been missing!

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