7 Travel Tips When Visiting Tanzania, Africa

Tanzanians are generally very friendly people. We want you to enjoy your stay in this country when you travel to or visit Tanzania for your holiday, vacation or safari adventure! So, here are some tips if you’re thinking of traveling or visiting to Tanzania, Africa!

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7 Travel and Trip Tips when Traveling to Tanzania, Africa

  1. Make sure to bargin when visiting any of Tanzania's marketsDon’t exchange money in the streets even if you are given a good rate, it’s possible you may be cheated. Go to bureau exchange desks for the best results.
  2. Be careful when using cheaper Tour Operators.  Services might be disappointing, the vehicles used could break down during a safari, you might get poor accommodations or other mishaps. Compare prices, figure out what the average cost is and then choose based on the standard prices.
  3. Always ride in registered taxis – even if you are tempted to ride in the “black market” ones. Registered taxis are safer, especially for tourists.
  4. Don’t take the faster buses – faster doesn’t always mean better and can often be more dangerous. Keep in mind, you want to arrive alive!
  5. Never walk unaccompanied at night, and especially in poorly-lit or deserted streets and alleyways.
  6. When shopping in streets bazaars or marketplaces, always bargain. On the other hand, some prices like restaurant prices, are fixed and if you bargain, you’ll likely get treated poorly for being cheap.
  7. Always choose a guesthouse or lodge that has a working telephone, especially for emergencies and staying in contact with your friends/family back at home.

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