A Cruise for Bloggers by John Heald

There are cruises for seniors, for families, for Disney-lovers, golfers, food and wine tasters, warm weather junkies, and – bloggers? It all began with John Heald, his wife, Heidi – and their blog:

Celebrity Cruise ShipThe Healds are employed by Carnival Cruises as senior and assistant cruise directors respectively, and have been sharing their stories and tales via their internet blog since March 2007. Within the travel community and especially with avid cruisers, the Healds have had over 1.4 million visitors since its inception.

What makes the Heals’ blog so fascinating for many is that as cruise directors, they offer a behind the scenes look at the cruise industry, its quirks, and it passengers. Funny stories, anecdotes, customer complaints, and other mayhem are often on the menu and are always original and unique to their experiences.

In January 2008, the Healds offered their first Carnival “Bloggers” cruise which brought together over 1000 of the Healds’ regular readers into one spot. It was a huge success – and don’t be disappointed if you missed it – you still have a chance to participate next year. In response, Carnival Cruises announced that there would be a second Carnival Bloggers Cruise taking place February 7-12, 2009, leaving from New Orleans, Louisiana.

The cruise will travel to Progreso and Cozumel, Mexico, and will feature activities and events directed by the stars of the show: John and Heidi Heald.

For more information or to join the Healds on their second bloggers cruise, please visit:

Celebrity Cruise Ship

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