A Family Safari Vacation to Amboseli, Home of the Gods

Mount KilimanjaroA Kenyan safari to the Amboseli Game Reserve in Kenya is the ideal family and kids destination. Families traveling with kids will find Amboseli National Park as a safari destination matched to no other, with less tourist traffic, breathtaking open spaces, easy access from Nairobi, and the Masai tribesmen who are eager to share their culture and wildlife experiences.

Experiencing Africa in Ambroseli, a Home for the Gods

The park described by writers as ‘a home for the Gods’ covers 150sq mile south of Nairobi and lies just at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain at 5,895m. The park is currently on the cross roads with the government and the local communities both claiming ownership, with Kilimanjaro’s snow capped peaks dominating every aspect of this Park and form a stunning backdrop to the wildlife found here – elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, cheetah and a host of plains game and its breathtaking beauty, the tag is well worth the effort!

The area is home to the Masai people, tall, colorful, proud, nomadic warriors famous for their legendary prowess in battle and single handed acts of bravery in fights with wild animals. Perhaps, more than any other people they have learned to live in complete harmony with the wildlife that surrounds them, this knowledge they proudly shared to visitors and well worth the time. Kids will be allowed to get really close and explore the simple but fascinating homesteads, adults will also enjoy the cultural aspect of the lifestyle.

Great Cultural Accommodations in Amboseli

Elephant WatchingAmboseli’s Oltukai Lodge is one of the best spots in the world where children can watch elephants and study their fascinating wilderness behavior, This is where you will find the highest concentration of elephants than anywhere else in Africa, they can be seen spread well over the savannah woodland, just remember to ask your driver guide on how this clever mammals mourn and pay last respect to a dead member or how they cross their tiny young on a fast flowing river. .

Quietly tucked away from view, The Kibo Family Villa crouches undisturbed, an elegant three-bedroom log cabin built in stone and gum tree, in complete harmony with its surroundings. It has a separate entrance, a lounge, a fully fitted kitchen and a barbecue area. Secluded by a copse of indigenous Acacia Tortilis trees and five acres of garden, Kibo Villa is peace and privacy made perfection. Two or threes small families traveling together love the self-catering option and use the lodge’s facilities. Detailed attention is taken on security issues and a resident nurse is available on call.

Family Memories in the Making

Kids will love the lavish private family buffet breakfast or dinner set out specially as a family package in wonderful secluded setting amongst the tortillas trees only a tone away from the family of the resident elephants also having a feast of their own, breakfast works out best.

Selenkay Conservation Area lies east of Amboseli is well off the beaten track, never visited by tourist till now, birdlife is prolific especially bird of prey. The 6 tents Porini luxury camp caters for 12 guest at a time, the camp is in the lines of a traditional luxury family camp, comfortable family tent rooms, ensuite bathrooms, flush toilets, solar powered electric lighting and an amazing chef completes a safari family haven.

At Amboseli, locally trained Masai naturalists and walking guides will get kids out in the mornings in a small group 8 kids for an adventurous nature exploration. This walking trips to the nearby sites in most cases will include lessons on the Masai hunting techniques, catching and naming butterflies, treasure hunts, tree planting, hide and seek in animal camouflaged clothing and an interesting question and answer session answering every question they have ever had on wildlife and tribesmen.

Henry Kahuki is an online safari consultant based in Kenya. The operator of Magical Africa Safaris Ltd.:, an eco-friendly safari agency catering for family safaris, senior travels, individual safaris and camping offers comprehensive Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

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