Active Things to Do With Kids When It’s Too Hot to Go Outside

Active Things to Do With Kids When It’s Too Hot to Go Outside

When summer comes, school gets out, and it starts to really heat up outside, it can be hard to keep kids active and give them enough exercise. While it can be tempting to keep kids from getting bored by handing them electronic devices, there are better ways to entertain them. If you are looking for some kid-friendly ways to get in your steps, tire out the kids, or simply get a little more activity in your summer days (without risking heat stroke) consider adding these ideas to your summer itinerary.

1.  Aquarium

An aquarium is always a fun place where kids can learn, be entertained, and get out of the house for some exercise. Kids do a lot of walking in places like aquariums. Because they’re eager to see everything, they often double back and loop around and end up putting in twice as many steps as the adults they’re with. During the summer, cool off and have fun at an aquarium in Texas, Florida, or any of the other hot southern states.

2.  Science Museum

Science museums are full of interesting and interactive exhibits that teach kids about science, nature, health, and so many other topics. In many museums, kids will happily walk around the entire place just to see what’s next and then go back to their favorite exhibits to spend more time. If you’re looking to get some exercise, this is a great way to experience a museum and get in your steps while enjoying the air conditioning.

3.  Play in Water

One of the best ways to stay cool in the summer is, and always has been, to get wet. Kids of all ages love playing in the water. While swimming is the obvious option, there are other ways to get cool and wet. Consider finding a local creek and taking your kids wading, finding a splash pad, or simply turning on the sprinkler in the backyard. Toddlers love playing with cups, bath toys, and boats in tubs of water and usually end up completely and happily soaked.

4.  Indoor Playground

An indoor playground can be more expensive than visiting your local park, but sometimes it’s the only option. When it’s just too hot to play outside, an indoor playground is a great way to for kids get the wiggles out and play with other children. Many indoor playgrounds are coupled with trampoline parks, which are fun for older kids, teens, and adults as well. If you aren’t interested in jumping or climbing, many indoor playgrounds have coffee areas or other places for adults to relax while keeping an eye on their kids.

5.  Walk the Mall

One way to get out of the house and get some exercise is to take a walk through the mall. While this might not be very entertaining for adults, some kids enjoy all the sites and the excitement of seeing people bustling around. If you have a mall with a food court, fountains to look at, and playgrounds, this is an even better idea.

6.  Children’s Museum

Children’s museums are fun and educational ways to get out of the house and get moving. Many children’s museums include indoor climbing structures and other fun places to exercise. They also have other places to play, such as dress-up stations, places to build or experiment with physics, and many similar activities. For younger children, these are some of the best places to spend hot summer days.

7.  Visit a Sporting Goods Store

Many kids enjoy going to large sporting goods stores to look at the mounted animals and large fish tanks that are on display. It’s like going to a free taxidermy museum! Just stay away from the toy section if you don’t want them to lose their interest in the animals. While your kids are walking around looking at all the displays, you are all getting some exercise. If your sporting goods store is attached to the mall, venture out for a walk around the halls and maybe grab a snack at the food court.

8.  Indoor Water Park

An indoor water park is a fun way to cool off, spend the day moving and playing, and eliminate the chorus of “I’m bored!” that most parents hear all summer long. Of course, a water park isn’t cheap, but if you are searching for an exciting, exhausting way to keep the kids busy and wear them out for a while, a water park is an ideal location.

9.  Bowling

Bowling is a classic, time-honored way to get moving while still enjoying the air conditioning. If your kids don’t know how to bowl, this summer is a great time to begin. Many kids enjoy the challenge of competing with their parents, but for those who don’t, stop focusing on the score and try to find a way to work together- see how high you can get your combined score, for example.

10. Gymnastics, Ninja, or Dance Classes

Many gymnastics facilities offer one-time or sample classes which can be a fun way to try something new while avoiding the heat. Other options are to sign up for short-term classes that some studios offer during the summer months. Some community rec centers also offer short-term fitness classes geared for children and youth, such as ninja classes or yoga for beginners.


Summer is the season to build family bonds, spend time together, and relax. Keep your eye on these goals when you’re choosing activities to keep your kids busy and get them moving. Instead of simply trying to entertain them, look for activities you can enjoy together as a family.

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