Airlines Must Be On Time Or Else says Beijing

Tired of delays, sitting in stuffy planes on the airport’s tarmac, late flight departures and arrivals, and missing your connecting flights?

Well, so is the Chinese government – and if every country took this same stance on a regular basis, airplane travel would be ten times less painful.

In inticipation of the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing that will begin in July, the General Administration of Civil Aviation gave a new ruling for airlines going in and out of Beijing’s airport and all others in China that will be in use during the Olympics.

Be on time – or else!

Airplane at the Beijing Capital International AirportIt was ruled that all airlines flying to Beijing and other major Chinese cities must adhere to punctuality standards – or face the consequences.

If an airline fails to be on time, the airline company runs the risk of having their flight routes suspended for the quarter. Expanded services will also be disallowed.

During this period, flights will be limited to 1,350 daily to ensure better traffic flow in the air and on the tarmac. Travel agents have been disallowed from selling more tickets than seats on domestic flights during this period, as well. Also, airlines will be required to keep one or two planes on standby at Beijing Capital International Airport and other airports throughout China in case of delays.

In the past, there have been some issues concerning long flight delays, cancellations, and unannounced flight diversions. In a few of China’s airports, this has led frustrated passengers to storm runways and break down airport doors.

The Chinese government has set these new rulings in place to help ensure their airports will run smoothly and guarantee an efficient mode of transportation during the upcoming Olympics.

Beijing Capital International Airport

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