Jan 2008 UK Airport Strikes

Travel through the United Kingdom could be a bit rough in January 2008 as workers of the British Airports Authority airport company have voted to strike over disputes on pensions.

American Airlines Charging Fees for ALL Checked Bags

Some of the biggest and most outrageous news in the 2008 travel year has been the turnover of airline and airline beginning to charge an extra $25 for a second piece of checked bags.

Well, it just got worse.

American Airlines will begin charging for EVERY bag checked – the first bag checked will cost $15 while a second will cost $25. Other fees including reservation fees, pet fees, and oversized bag fees will range from $5 to $50 USD. Read on for more!

The 2008 Travel Forecast

What can you expect for the upcoming year in travel, airports, airlines, delays and more? Here are a few things that has heard through our “sources” – and we’re giving you the inside scoop for 2008’s travel season.

Cathay Pacific and Dragonair Turning Green

Cathay Pacific and Dragonair, sister companies, launched their “FLY greener” campaign at the end of December 2007. The campaign allows travellers to measure their carbon emissions and offers options to help offset their carbon footprints.

Travellers Win: Air Canada Must Pay for Lost Bags


No longer will this have to be you – stuck at the luggage carousel waiting for your bags that have been lost.

Air Canada is now required to pay up to approximately $1,600 for any bags or luggage that get lost during transport and your flight, as long as you are on an international flight.

Read on for more info!

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