Most amazing, eye-catching waterfalls

Waterfalls, one of the most amazing creations of nature, mesmerize us with their ecstatic view and splashing sound of water. Their spectacular view will surely take you in different world of joy as beautiful as heaven. Waterfalls have a natural beauty and are the most charming creations of god. Here are some of the most amazing, spectacular and breath taking waterfalls across the Globe.


Devil’s Punchbowl Falls, New Zealand

Situated at the core of Arthur’s Pass national park, Devil’s Punchbowl Falls is one of the most famous, most visited and tallest among all waterfalls in New Zealand. You can see this waterfall from the highway itself but still it is recommended to feel its beauty and power by standing at its base. If you really want to have a great experience then it is worth visiting in any month or day of the year. It will take around one hour walking back and forth to its base.  There are many benches in between the path in case you want to take rest. However, the path is very pleasant and nature lovers must visit here.


Dangar Falls

Dangar Falls on the Bielsdown River are comparatively smaller than other popular waterfalls. However, this waterfall is the most scenic and picturesque fall among all of them. Tourists all over the world come here to witness is jaw dropping beauty that you may have only seen in dreams. People come here to get their photographs clicked. After the rainy season, the view is just spectacular. It is among the most famous picnic spots with excellent scenery. If you want to get close to nature then walk down the riverbank to stroll along the river in front of the fall.


Emperor Falls

The center of attraction of Mount Robson Provincial Park is its largest and most renowned waterfall- Emperor Falls. It is located at some distance from Berg Lake. The Emperor Falls is 150 feet high. The water drops directly on a ledge present in the halfway of the waterfall. This creates a form rooster tail and adds to the beauty of this fall. This formation produces a large amount of water spray and it feels very nice to feel water spray along with breeze standing under it. There is a single way to reach the waterfalls. By hiking for around 15km along Berg Lake, you can reach here.


Tugela Falls, South Africa

Tugela Falls of Royal Natal National Park are the world’s second tallest waterfalls. It is one of the most spectacular, ecstatic sites in whole South Africa. The Tugela Falls with a total height of 3,110 feet drops in combination of total five free falling waterfalls. They are located in Dragon’s Mountains. During heavy rain season, they are easily visible from the main road of the park. The water glitters in the sun and can mesmerize you with its amazing reflection during Dusk. If you want to camp here in between this natural habitat then there is a campsite immediately above the falls.


White River Falls State Park, Oregon

White River Falls State Park of central Oregon is located at a distance of 35 miles from The Dalles. This 90 feet high waterfall is the most popular attraction of The State Park. Its scenic beauty and amazing white water will leave you speechless. At the foot of the waterfall, remains of an earlier Hydropower plant are present. This plant used to supply electricity to Oregon from 1910 to 1960. The park does not have any visitation fee and is open from the month of March to October.


If you are a nature lover and want to experience the best views of Mother Nature, then you should visit these waterfalls. Their hypnotic beauty will definitely mesmerize you.

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