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American Airlines Charging Fees for ALL Checked Bags

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Some of the biggest and most outrageous news in the 2008 travel year has been the turnover of airline and airline beginning to charge an extra $25 for a second piece of checked bags.

Well, it just got worse.

AA Charging for ALL Checked Bags!

American AirlinesAmerican Airlines announced that they will begin charging flyers who purchase tickets on or after June 15th 2008, an extra $15 fee for every FIRST bag checked. Every second bag will cost $25.

With the way airlines operate, all it takes is one airline to start and others soon follow. Bad news.

Fees from $5 to $50 will also be charged for services like reservation fees, pet fees, oversized bag fees – an attempt, it is said, to keep up with the rising cost of fuel.

The fares do not apply, however, to:

  • Members of American Airlines’ AAdvantage Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum level programs
  • Those who have purchased full-fare tickets in Economy, Business and First Class cabins
  • Those traveling international itineraries (not including to/from Canada and the US, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands)

You can still, however, bring your carry-on for free.