Australia Issues Warning for Travel to Canada

The Australian government’s Smart Traveller website by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has increased its advisory level of risk for Australians travelling to Canada from a category one to a category two type of risk.

The advisory scale is made up of five categories, where category one, “Be alert to own security,” means minimal to little risk. Category five, “Do not travel,” strongly advises against any travel. Currently, Australian advisories to Kenya sit at category four, “Reconsider your need to travel,” and level five, “Do not travel.”

Travel Warning

The reasons behind the perceived increased risk include the following points:

  • Possible risk of terrorist attack
  • Heavy snowfalls and ice in the winter make driving dangerous
  • The wind-chill factor can create dangerously cold outdoor conditions
  • British Columbia and western Canada is considered an earthquake zone
  • Alberta and British Columbia are subject to avalanches
  • Tornadoes can occur at any time Canada between May and September
  • Bush and forest fires can occur at any time

For the most up to date advice, visit:

Toronto Snow Storm

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