Austria Offers New Wine in the Old World

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Austria‘s New Wine Legacy

A New Legacy of Wine, Architecture, Music & Travel in Austria recaptures the spirit of a bygone era: ornate palaces, imperial monuments and echoes of Mozart’s music abound – all remind travelers of life as it once was. For more on traveling to Austria, read our Experience the Sounds of Music and Mozart in Salzburg, Austria article!

Pouring WineNowadays, visitors to Austria discover exciting movement afoot. A renaissance in architectural design is transforming the country. Austria’s vibrant wine scene has earned a worldwide reputation for quality and innovation. Meanwhile, the country’s chefs are in the midst of a delicious revolution in the culinary arts.

New Wines in the Old World

Wine in Austria has actually been grown and produced for over 2000 years – but it is only in the recent century that its wines have made its appearance on the international scene. In fact, some of its vine species have been dated back to 700 BC. Like nearby Hungary‘s Tokay, Austrian wines are becoming more and more popular.

Like France, its small family operated wineries have offered wine for the country but little throughout the world. Today, Austria offers some of the most popular Rieslings in the market today. They grow about 30 different varieties of grapes, of which the special Grüner Veltliner is the most produced, making up just over 1/3rd of all wine production in Austria. Its wine regions number an impressive 16 on top of the main 3 regions: Lower Austra (Niederösterreich), Burgenland and Styria regions.

One reason for the newly gained appreciation for Austria’s wines are its ramped-up standards have grown to reflect those of Burgandy, Bordeaux and new world wine regions like California and Australia.

All this change, yet the distinctive charm of Austria and its people shine as brightly as ever. Austria is the destination for those seeking energy, culture, and charm.

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