Bathurst Inlet Lodge in Nunavut, Canada is Top Ecolodge in World


A remote lodge accessed only by chartered plane from Yellowknife, Bathurst Inlet Lodge is open only 5 weeks during the year at which only 20 guests can be accommodated at one time. So what makes Bathurst Inlet Lodge one the Best Northern Lodge by UpHere Magazine Readers or why Travel & Leisure Magazine named us as one of the World’s 25 Top Ecolodges.

BisonBathurst Inlet Lodge is located just north of the Arctic Circle in Canada‘s newest territory, Nunavut. It is likely the oldest operating ecotourism operation in Canada, if not the world and a pioneer in the creation of the true ecotourism industry in North America.

Bathurst Inlet Ecolodge is an Arctic Oasis in Nunavut

The remote arctic lodge facility consists primarily of historic buildings of a decommissioned Hudson’s Bay Company trading post within the tiny Inuit community of Bathurst Inlet, where our Inuit friends are co-owners of the lodge.

What makes the lodge such an unforgettable experience for our guests, apart from the exposure to spectacular arctic landscapes, flora, fauna, history, geology and ancient cultural remains which are thousands of years old – is the unique and true indigenous interpretation behind each aspect of the region.

The Bathurst Arctic Experience is an Unforgettable Cultural Experience

GroundhogsPage Burt, Bathurst Inlet Lodge’s program director and educator, has shared her incredible knowledge about almost any subject related to the area for almost 30 years and all programs provide the opportunity to interact with local Inuit guides on their terms, with their knowledge, and in their environment.

One of our most outstandingly successful features of any week’s visit to the lodge is the last evening’s cultural program. Not only do all of the lodge’s Inuit friends from the community participate in the evenings events (whether it be a 3-year old child modeling traditional clothing, or a grandfather demonstrating how hunting tools were used) but guests are also invited to reciprocate – by telling a story, a poem, dancing, or performing magic tricks, etc. This we believe is a wonderful forum for cross-cultural sharing and enjoyment, and what many of our guests have described as a treasury of memories!

Escape to our Arctic Oasis for an 8 day/7 night adventure leading you to the top of the world and the warmth of our Inuit culture. This trip is perfect for all ages, physiques, and interests.

Find out why our guests often leave comments like these: “there is no way I could have ever imagined the spectacular experience I have had the past week. The psalmist said it best ‘The heavens declare the glory of God.’ Thank you to all who made this a loving and inspiring experience. I was in a state of euphoria. Such peace and beauty I have never before enjoyed.”

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