Batman: The Dark Knight takes over Chicago

IBM Building, ChicagoWho didn’t love Batman: The Dark Knight?

One of the most acclaimed movies of 2008, Batman: The Dark Knight blew audiences away worldwide, especially with the portrayal of the Joker by the late Heath Ledger across from Christian Bale playing an edgy deep-throated Batman and suaver-than-ever Bruce Wayne.

Travel with as we take you to the streets of Gotham – or Chicago – where most of Batman: The Dark Knight was filmed.  

Batman: The Dark Knight filming locations in Chicago, the UK and Hong Kong

After having filmed some scenes of Batman Begins in Chicago, producers decided to film there again.  For 13 weeks, filming took place under the working title: “Rory’s First Kiss,” and generated approximately $45 million to the city’s economy.

Richard J. Daley Center, Chicago is used in Batman: The Dark Knight as Wayne Enterprises, although they had previous used the Chicago Board of Trade Building in Batman Begins.  Inside the Daley Center is also where the courtroom scene with Harvey Dent and Maroni takes place.

IBM Building, Chicago was also used during the filming.  This interiors of the IBM Building are used for Harvey Dent’s office, the Police Commissioner’s office, the Mayor’s office as well as a boardroom scene in Wayne Enterprises.

McCormick Place, Chicago is one of the first scenes in the movie.  Here a bank heist takes place at the Gotham National Bank with Joker and his clowns.  

Brach’s Candy Factory, Chicago was used as the outside of Gotham General Hospital, featured at the end of the movie.

Lower Wacker Drive & South LaSalle St., Chicago is where the car chase scene involving a prisoner’s vehicle carrying Harvey Dent, a van with the Joker, and Batman’s batpod take place.  The scene ends with Batman flipping Joker’s truck at LaSalle St., which is also where the police commissioner’s funeral takes place.

The Trump tower while it was being builtTrump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago was used while it was under construction as Joker’s hideout at the end of the movie while he overlooks the harbour and the two ships he puts in a kill-or-be-killed dilemma.   

Illinois Center Buildings, Chicago is the location of Harvey Dent’s fundraiser which is thrown by Bruce Wayne.  This is also where Bruce Wayne’s penthouse scenes were filmed as well as Hotel 71.

Pinewood Studios near London, United Kingdom was used as the main film studio space for the movie.  

Criterion Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus in London, United Kingdom was the filming location for a restaurant dinner date, where Harvey Dent and Rachel are joined by Bruce Wayne and his date.  

George Farmiloe Building, UK was used as the police headquarters for Batman: The Dark Knight as well as Batman Begins.

Hong Kong.  In the movie, Batman travels to Hong Kong to extract an accountant caught up in Gotham’s mob.  Here, filming was done at the Central or Mid-Level escalators as well as Queen’s Road, The Central & International Finance Centre skyscrapers.  Scenes were shot with helicopters and C-130 aircrafts while the final skyscraper jump was created with CGI.

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