Benefits of undergoing health checkup before you travel overseas


The number of people travelling overseas has increased a lot over the last few years.This increase comes as no surprise, as more and more people nowadays have started travelling for vacations, business purposes, studies orthey simply make medical tourism trips. People travel great distances to many countries, which might sometimes cause health problems. Falling ill in an unfamiliar country is getting pretty common, but it is a situation which, for the most part, can be easily prevented by undergoing a travel health checkup at least 8 weeks before a vacation or medical travel trip. This will help in preventing any health scares on foreign soil.  However, if you are still uncertain about whether you should or shouldn’t opt for a pre travel health checkup, you can take a look at some such pre travel health activities, their benefits, and decide by yourself:

A complete checkup will reveal any potential health problems


A health checkup will let you know if your health is stable and your doctor would advise you how to manage your condition during travel. If you suffer from motion sickness, mention this to your doctor who can give you medicine to control it during the long flight. Motion sickness is due to imbalance in the middle ear, which can be treated easily. If you are a patient, and you are travelling out of the country on a medical tourism trip with your family or a caregiver, you can also think about having their pre travel medical checkup.

Carry ample quantity of prescription medication


You should make sure that you have enough of your medication till you reach Pune, where you plan to be treated by the doctors. Check if all your medicines are legal in the country you plan to visit, at least a month before your travel date. Your doctor will then have enough time to change your medication if need be. You should always carry your prescription with you, which should mention whether it is for personal use or for the use of your child, if he/she is the patient. Don’t take the medicine out of their original packaging, as then they can be identified easily, saving you time at customs. If you do this, you’ll surely be benefitted by it. As you can never be sure about what type of medications you’ll get on your way, and whether the ones you get on your way will suit you or not.

Travel vaccination will keep you safe


Patients, their attendants, or their families, who accompany them on a medical travel trip, must get themselves vaccinated against specified diseases by the country they would be visiting. The consulate or embassy of the country or the medical tourism facilitator can inform the patient about the mandatory vaccinations.For example, if you are visiting India, it is imperative that you are vaccinated against diseases like Ddiphtheria, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Cholera. Some vaccines, such as Hepatitis B, have at least two doses, so it’s best if you start the process of vaccination as soon as you can. If you are still doubtful about what type of vaccines you ought to get, you can tally it with WHO’s suggestions that you’ll easily find online. Travel vaccination is a safety precaution, which will keep you safe from many diseases.

Organize your travel health kit


For your medical vacation trip to Bangalore, you should prepare a travel health kit containing your prescription medications. It should also include skincare creams such as sunscreens, moisturizers, and mosquito repellant creams. Skincare creams, especially moisturizers,reduce the dryness of the skin during the long flight. You should also carry anti-blood clot medicine, just in case you can find out during your health checkup that you are prone to developing blood clots. If you have a cold, use a nasal decongestant spray before takeoff and landing. If you wear contact lens, you should carry your lens case and saline solution to keep your contacts, as your eyes might become dry during the flight, making it extremely uncomfortable to keep your lens on.

Travel insurance

travel insurance

After your thorough health check, you can arrange for travel insurance. Sometimes, the medical tourism facilitator arranges for the travel insurance too, so you can check with their customer desk if they will help you get one. Getting travel insurance will ensure that, in case you are involved in any sort of an unpleasant medical emergency, at least your expanses will be covered.

Pay attention to what you eat and drink during flight

Eating crepe

Try to refrain from drinking alcohol, coffee and carbonated drinks during flight, as they might make you feel restless. Eat light food, some say it’s ok to even skip a meal, and avoid fatty food as they might cause indigestion. Keep flexing your legs to prevent blood clots, wear loose and comfortable clothes, and try to sleep.

Getting information about all this by yourself could be tedious, especially if you do it just before travelling to a foreign country. However, if you have a medical tourism facilitator by your side, it will take away a large part of your burden. A good medical tourism facilitator or travel agent would provide you with all the information you need regarding health checkups, vaccinations etc, allowing you to take the necessary precautions,and to reach your destinations safely.

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