Best beaches in Dominican Republic

Every year, a lot of tourists from round the world come to Dominican Republic. What they really like here is sunny beaches. As most of us experience, we end our visit to only two or more beaches that are nearest to our hotel. However, when an island offers you this much then you just can’t resist all the activities and astonishing experiences. Here are some of the best beaches that will make your vacations more memorable.


Saona Island

Saona Island is a delightful getaway with beautiful scenic landscapes. It is near the southern coast of Dominican Republic. You either can hire a motor boat or can take day trips offered by some local resorts there.

An add-on to this excursion is that in your trip you will encounter a pool full of Starfish of variable sizes. Here water is crystal clear and having shallow depth, you can clearly observe some amazing creatures very closely in their own habitat. Snorkel will be a good option to have a better view.  When you reach the island, you will have a relaxing moment because the island is private and only limited for merchants, ensuring peaceful sunbathing.


Playa Rincon

“Rincon” in Spanish means “Corner” that is what you will experience at this enclosed exquisite bay. The beach is lined by palms and on the other side is covered by high lush mountains. You will have some amazing, eye catching scenic views. Very frequently, you can see dolphins dancing of the water.

The island is known for the shoot of the reality show “Survivor” and since then local people have protected its charm by conserving wild aura, stopping encroachment of commercial hotels and more attractions. Playa Rincon has conserved tropical climate round the year and one can hear sound of ocean waves at night. Due to its distance from city, sky is very clear and one can rest along the beach by gazing at the constellations. You can reach the island by various transports on road, whereas many resorts offer trips by boats also.


Cabarete, Puerto Plata

Many tourists do not come to Caribbean to enjoy a relaxing experience. If you are an adrenaline junkie and love water sport adventures, then this place is just right for you. Its waves and climate makes it best to wind surf and board. For those who think they are fit can also try kitesurfing.  After the tiring activities during the day, you can experience soothing dance and rhythms of the night activities. Many nightclubs present composition of local drinks with Latin dance. Local bungalows or lodges can be hired for having parties for 5-10 people. This makes it a great place for adventures as well as parties.


Cayo Levantado

The most favorable time to visit this astonishing tropical place is between January and mid March. In this season, you can closely encounter amazing Humpback Whales. The crystalline shining water allows you to see whales in their mating process. In the silent night atmosphere, you can generally hear the songs these whales sing near the shallow water across the shore. Cayo Levantado is mainly known for its luxurious hotels and excellent accommodations. You can do Parasailing to explore this place from the sky. This will give a stunning view of the coastline. Hotels also have spas, luxurious pools and fitness centers, in case you do not want to spend time visiting coasts.


Playa Juanillo

Playa Juanillo is among the longest beaches of around 35km (total stretch) in the Punta Cana. Here you will discover many miles of powdered white sand and sparkling clear water that will make this place a treasure to everyone. This place is popular hangout for music livers. Many great musicians come here during the Annual Music Fest.

Cap Cana is a luxurious resort at a distance of 7-8 minutes from the local airport. This resort provides you yacht, spas, very nice restaurants and two globally known golf courses. Along with these, it also has a famous adventure park, “Scape Park,” that offers boats, fishing bay and good adventures.


No matter what demand you have ranging from a place to relax to exploring nature and world class water adventures, Dominican Republic is just ideal for fun loving tourists. You just name it, and you will get it here. Do visit in your next excursion.

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