Best golf courses to kindle your golfing experience in Florida

Some places just do not have a match to their beauty and charm. America has some of the world’s best Golf courses in world. Florida is every golfer’s paradise and you will surely don’t want to come from these ecstatic turf.  If you want to save money then you can try Golf here in the mid-day burning heat of Florida. Otherwise, you can go in morning or pleasant environment. Here is the list of the some of the best Golf courses in Florida that are simply heaven for Golfers.



Sawgrass is ranked number 10 in top golf courses you can play on  The player’s championship is hosted every year on Sawgrass. This is considered as Fifth on the Professional Golfers Association. If you want to have an experience here then for one round you have to spend around $275 to $375. That’s a little deep hole in your pocket who don’t want to spend this much cash. Most famous hole of Sawgrass is 30-foot island guarded by masses of water.



Now let’s move on to a golf course that is popularly known as “The Kingdom of Golf”.  Doral Golf resort is located near Miami airport. This golf course has five 18 holes platform or courses. Most famous among these is the “Blue Monster”. The tall palm trees surrounding the golf course are an addition to the Miami golfing experience. Millions of pounds are being invested these days in Doral Golf resort to make it more ecstatic and give the golfers a unique golfing memory.


Bay Hill

If you want a peaceful place along with elegance then Bay Hill golf course is the right place for you.  This exclusive place is also known as Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill. If you want to directly go here and play golf then this place is just not for you. This elegant place is private and only open for club members. Still if you want to play in this club then you have to make contacts inside the club. If you stay here, you will surely be mesmerized by the VIP lounge. Arnie built this place to give you world class golfing experience and just enjoy refreshing iced tea here.



Innishbrook is among the all-time top five places to tee off by golf players. Still very few know about this golf course. It was built in 1972 and is made with great accuracy. You can enjoy golf here with eye-catching elevations with greenery all over the place. If you want to experience some world class golf with amazing scenic beauty then this place is built just for you.  So go and spend some exclusive time here.



Seminole is a place that really tests your skill and it’s a high quality golf course. As far as you see, there are only millionaires and CEOs all by themselves. This completely private golf course is for limited members and there are only 300 members worldwide.  They attend the sessions by invitations only. Dune hazards and many Award winning fairways add to the popularity of this golf course. If you really want to play golf here then you should work right away and make enough fortune to afford the best golf.


Pine Valley, New Jersey

Here is the golf course that we all have been waiting for. World’s best and most popular golf course ‘Pine Valley’ is spread in a total of 7,057 yards. Many notable designers and architects have made suggestions to make this golf course an excellent golfing experience. Pine valley depicts a heroic and strategic design throughout the course.


If you want to experience some excellent golf amenities, then do visit amazing golf courses in Florida. One serious tip, do not go during midday in scorching heat if you do not want save cash.

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