Best weekend getaways for avid travelers

Looking to add a twist to your outings and give your weekends a completely new experience, but confused which place to visit that will be the best deal for you. We have listed all the options for you. Here is the list of top weekend getaway that you must visit and spend some quality time here.

 Hanging Cocoon Hammock in Philippines

Hanging Cocoon Hammock in Philippines

If you want to spend some quality and peaceful time with your loved ones then Hanging Cocoon beach in Philippines is the perfect place for you. This place is just ideal for relaxing, reading or just gazing the glittering water. Therefore, if you like to be in solitude and enrich your spirit, then this place is for you. These Cocoons made hanging in the shape of bird nests gives you a soft feel of canvas.

 Natural Rock Pool in Pamukkale, Turkey

Natural Rock Pool in Pamukkale, Turkey

These pools in Turkey are natural hot springs and mineral pools in which you can swim and relax with your family and friends. Pamukkale’s pools are sedimentary rocks with hot springs. It is recognized as a World Heritage Site since 1988.


Tree House Swing in Grenada Nicaragua

Tree House of Nicaragua is up tree in between hills. If you want to have adventure and want to enjoy at a quiet place swinging then this place is for you. If you want to party then this place is also good for you, as it is located on a tree. Therefore, you cannot disturb anyone except the monkeys. So pack your bags and get ready to climb and enjoy your weekend.

 Sunken Alcove Garden in New Zealand

Sunken Alcove Garden in New Zealand

Sunken Alcove Garden is a unique garden in New Zealand. Made in 1960s with an idea to give tourists give a pleasing and relaxing experience, this garden let you relax and provide you a touch of calmness far away from the hassles of city. The street side footpath along with pool in middle pleases the pedestrians and the natural aura of this place will enrich your memories.

 Cave Pool in Satorini Greece

The Cave Pool in Satorini Greece

Satorini of Greece has some of the magnificent cave hotels in the world. Among these, the unique and ecstatic is The Cave Pool. This tempting pool cave is best to spend some quality time if you are on your honeymoon. You can relax and enjoy the unique design and amenities with your partner.


River Resort in Bali

If you want to spend your weekend along a river then River Resort in Bali is for you. Here you do not have to dream to connect to nature. You will be mesmerized by scenic beauty here. It has huts that are over a small river, which is best place to spend time with your loved one. At night, you can hear just the flow of river water.


 Floating dining deck in Maldives

Floating Dining Deck is a five star floating resort made in traditional Maldivian style. Maldives is popular for its world-renowned holiday resorts and this resort transports visitors to the destination in a boat where you can have a full private and undisturbed evening. All you will have is water all around.


A Car boat in Switzerland

You may have seen many resorts or even dining on water. However, this group offers you a floating car on which you can spend time and relax. This unique design in Switzerland will give you a pleasant chance to spend your weekend and cherish some amazing memories.

 dining pod in Soneva Kiri, Thailand

The dining pod in Soneva Kiri, Thailand

You may had dinner on water or on land in many exclusive restaurants but what if you can get a chance to dine in a pod on a tree some meters above ground. From the top, you can have a Bird’s Eye View of the tropical forests all around along with the amazing food. All you can see is lush green forests guarding glittering ocean.

 Kayaking in Glacier Bay Alaska

Kayaking in Glacier Bay Alaska

If you are adventurous and like cold weather then Kayaking in Alaska is a place for you to spend your weekend. You can come with your friends and explore new glaciers. You have to bring your own food and equipment.


After a hectic week, one thing that everybody wants is an ecstatic and peaceful place to relax and to be in solitude. Give your weekends a new charm and give your loved ones some unique memories.

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