Bradley University Looks at Countries to Avoid If Traveling to Boost Mood

When studying online for a degree such as in masters in counseling programs, it is important that you only register with schools that are accredited by nationally recognized groups such as CACREP, the Council of Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs.

There are multiple reasons why this is important. Not only in terms of the education you will receive at universities accredited by CACREP, such as Bradley University, it is also crucial to look at a school’s focus and mission statement,because this is how they aim their educational and developmental strategies.

Why Schools Should Suggest Traveling to Begin With

For example, those pursuing a counseling degree online have the same curriculum that on-campus students are offered, but they study at home, and at what typically amounts to lower cost. Above and beyond that, schools like Bradley University also offer their students the same advice that they want their graduates to bring with them into the world.

Taking time away from work and studies is important in the scope of things and the reason why students are urged to take time away to travel and explore, especially after the stress of mid-terms and finals. However, not all destinations offer the same benefits and this is why students are advised to avoid certain nations if they are at all depressed or experiencing undue amounts of stress.

Why Stressed Students Should Avoid Certain Countries

Before talking about the top three countries to avoid, it is important to understand why anyone would suggest you don’t travel to these countries. The reason why many counselors and psychologists suggest depressed or highly stressed students steer clear of these countries is because they are listed internationally as the countries with the most depressed individuals per capita. It isn’t important what stresses them or causes depression, as you will not be subjected to the same triggers. The real reason is because you are advised to visit places where people are happy and relaxed. Smiles are contagious and that’s what your counselors want you to ‘catch’ – a joyful and serene mood.

Now for Those Countries NOT to Visit

Unfortunately, by some studies, the United States comes in first with a high number of people being diagnosed or expressing depression. At 9.6% of the population, the USA seems to be highly overstressed and depressed. Looking to elevate your mood? Travel abroad but not to:

  • The Ukraine – 9.1% depression rate
  • France – 8.5% depression rate

Then there is the Netherlands (6.9%), Columbia (6.8%), Lebanon (6.6%), Belgium (6.2%), Spain (4.9%), and Mexico (4.8%), and last but not least, Italy (3.8%). You can clearly see that a high percentage of these countries are undergoing geopolitical upheaval or have an extremely poor economy, which puts them in a league with the United States.

If you are going to travel, visit a country like New Zealand that is said to be the happiest country on earth according to National Geographic. Why not make it a trip to OZ and New Zealand at the very same time? See some kangaroos, get out in nature and if it’s winter here, it’s going to be warm there. Do what Bradley University advises! Get away somewhere happy and your problems won’t seem so huge after all.

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