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Changing the Future of 24 Kenyan Girls

by admin

In October of 2007, Rocky Turner took a leap of faith and flew to Nairobi, Kenya. There she met twenty four amazing girls who had the most beautiful smiles and amazing spirits.

These are the girls of Saint Monica Children’s Home.

Rocky had no idea what to expect when she, and other volunteers, walked through the gates of the home. They were just excited to see what the next few weeks would be like. “The girls were simply amazing,” Rocky said. “They took us in and loved us just as we were. They have no idea how much they have changed us. We all feel so blessed to have been welcomed into their hearts. Their needs are many, their dreams are big, and my goals are lofty. 

We were changed forever.”

Mothers Fighting For Others is dedicated to help educate the girls at Saint Monica’s. But, they need your help. Since Rocky’s visit last year, the needs of Saint Monica’s have not only changed, but have grown. Six new girls have arrived. The goal is to try to raise funds so each girl can receive the best education. With a private school education, these girls will become amazing young Kenyan women.

You can join Rocky’s team of volunteers to work together to help the girls at Saint Monica’s. We know that when we work together, great things can happen. To volunteer or donate, contact Rocky Turner at http://saintmonicachildrenshome.wordpress.com/

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