City Pass lets you see top city attractions for less

When Mike Gallagher first approached his wife with a business idea that would necessitate putting a second mortgage on their house in San Francisco, she was skeptical, to say the least.

Who could blame her?  Mike and a business partner had come up with an idea so simple it was hard to believe that no one had thought of it before.

But sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.  Mike’s idea grew into CityPass: discounted ticket packets now available in ten cities across North America that offer a cost-effective way to see the top sights.

How can you be sure you’re getting the real must-sees?  The CityPass ( system involves working with local tourism boards in each city to get the numbers.  Tickets to the top five attractions, based on annual attendance, are what you’ll find in each CityPass booklet, at 50 percent less than the regular price.   You’ll also get a discount for the local transit system and tips, directions, and suggestions for getting to the various attractions.  Once you use the first ticket in the booklet, you have nine days to use the rest.  

Travel writers love must-see lists, so I’ve decided to go simple myself.   Whenever I’m in a city that offers the CityPass system, I’m going to check out the attractions, see what I think and offer any tips I might come up with for making the most of my touring time. 

This next feature on Toronto, therefore, will be the first in an on-going series.  We’ll see where simple takes us!

Read on for the Top 5 Sights & Attractions in Toronto: The Case for Casa Loma.


Liz Fleming is an award-winning Canadian travel journalist who specializes in adventure, health and wellness and learning travel. For more from Liz, go to: Liz Fleming’s Travel Tales

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