Daily Photo: The Boardwalk

Photo by Travis Snelling
Everybody loves a pristine beach.  Untouched sand, calm & clear water, etc., etc. For some it’s the ability to lay in the soft sand and relax – for others, it’s the vista.  The beach at Stella Maris Resort on Long Island in the Bahamas is for the vista lovers.

Not exactly a lounger’s paradise, the beach is an elaborate maze of rock formations and tidal pools with spires of jagged coral reaching up from the shallows.  It’s like being on the surface of some alien planet.

This boardwalk snakes through large coral rock walls along the beach, giving you a bird’s eye view of the shoreline as the tide pounds against the coral, causing dramatic sprays just as the undertow loads up another wave to continue the endless assault.
There are pathways down to the beach where there’s ample room to stretch out on pockets of that pristine powdery sand, but you’d be missing a whole lot if that’s all you did.

I was walking along the boardwalk during sunset and couldn’t believe the colours that kept streaking the sky.  Vibrant yellows & oranges, as pictured, followed by burning reds & magentas right before the light vanished and things got really dark.  On clear, moonless nights you can expect stunning views of the bright Milky Way, looming ominously over the ocean as heavy waves roll up on shore.

If you want to see this for yourself, check out Stella Maris Resort.  For a view right on the beach, check out their villas – you won’t regret it.

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