Dining at Cabbages and Condoms Resto in Bangkok, Thailand

Cabbagse & CondomsIt’s witty and to the point. Cabbages and Condoms restaurant in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand sells – well, cabbage and condoms, of course. It is one of the most unique restaurants in the city, not just because of its name, but because the restaurant was developed by the Population and Community Development Association (PDA) of Thailand.

The restaurant’s tagline? “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.”

About PDA’s Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant

As mentioned above, the restaurant was developed by the Population and Community Development Association in Thailand. The restaurant was created as a friendly medium to help promote understanding and acceptance of family planning for Thai locals and visitors, as well as to generate income for the PDA. The restaurant is located just around the corner from Times Square and Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel in Bangkok.

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Thai Handicrafts and Souvenirs at Cabbages and Condoms

When walking into the Cabbages and Condoms restaurant, you are first greeted by two hostesses. At the front, you’ll find the Handicraft Shop where Thai products and souvenirs are sold – as well as products and items which support family planning – i.e. condoms. (You were wondering where condoms came into this whole picture, right?).

All products sold at Cabbages and Condoms were produced by villagers from rural villages in Thailand and profits go towards community development and social welfare activities. Don’t forget to pick up your t-shirt that reads, “I <3 Safe Sex.”

Dinning Dining at Cabbages and Condoms in Bangkok

Well, the décor at Cabbages and Condoms is definitely not your average restaurant’s photos or paintings from local artists. Signs that say, “Sorry, we have no nuts, please take a condom instead,” with an open box at the bottom filled with free condoms – is what you’ll get instead. The walls are decorated with condoms from all over the world along with messages and photos that support family planning – i.e. “Safety can be fun.”

Dining space is available both inside with air conditioning and outside on the patio under an array of lit trees. Typical Thai foods are available on the menu like: Phad Thai, Tom Yam Kung soup, Yam Tung Yang, curries and other courses. Set menus as well as buffet meals are also available.

Cabbages and Condoms Cops & Rubbers Lounge, Coffee Bar and Internet Lounge

Get it? Cops and Robbers? But rubbers – for condoms?

The coffee bar and internet lounge also gives a space for tourists and others in the area to visit the Cabbages and Condoms restaurant if they’re not looking for a sit-down lunch or dinner. “Computers and Condoms” is the sign that leads people towards the computer stations.

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