Discover the Colours of Mexico City

It is an undisputed fact amongst well-seasoned travellers that there is no other place in the world with colours as bright, as vibrant or as stunning as those in Mexico. From Mexico’s resort towns like Cozumel and Cancun all the way to its cultural centers like Mexico City, the passion and pride of Mexican life and culture can be seen splashed across its buildings, waters and skies.

Read on as takes you to Mexico City’s best and brightest spots so that you can see for yourself and discover the colours of Mexico City.

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Discover the Colours of Mexico City!





Image Courtesy of VisitMexico.comSeeing Smoky Greys and Whites: Popocatepetl & Iztlaccihuatl

Popocatepetl and Iztlaccihuatl are Mexico City’s two towering mountains in its south-eastern landscape.  On any given day, the volcano Popocatepetl – from the Aztec Nahuatl, “Smoking Mountain” – can been seen puffing smoky greys into the Mexico City skyline.  Both Popocatepetl and the slightly smaller Iztlaccihuatl mountain are usually capped in white with snow and ice year-round.


Seeing Red + Purple at the Centro Nacional De Las Artes (National Centre for the Arts)

Image Courtesy of VisitMexico.comAlthough Mexico City has hundreds of colorful buildings, the Centro Nacional de las Artes (National Centre for the Arts) definitely stands out.  You can spot the centre from miles away: bright red and purple edifices against a blue Mexican sky!

The centre was built from an old film production studio known for making Mexican films in the 1940’s, the “golden age” of Mexican cinema.  It was in the 1990’s that the building would become the National Centre for the Arts.  More than just a museum or art gallery, the complex holds an array of Mexican cultural expression, including the National Institute of Fine Arts, the Esmeralda Art School, the National Dance School, the National Music Conservatory, the National Theatre Arts School and the Centre for Cinematography.


Image Courtesy of VisitMexico.comSee Green at Xochimilco Ecological Park or Chapultepec Park

Xochimilco is a district located to the south of Mexico City.  It is best known for its series of canals and colourful trajineras, Mexican-style gondolas, that ride the waterways through floating green gardens.  The town of Xochimilco is a picturesque historical town with brick streets, a main plaza and historical buildings.

For a glimpse of greenery closer to the downtown core, go for a stroll in Chapultepec Park, the largest city park in the world at 4 square km’s.  The name Chapultepec comes from the Aztec Nahuatl language meaning “Grasshopper Hill.” 

Besides extensive landscaped walkways, you’ll also find within the park: souvenir/snack vendors, a zoo, an amusement park, the Museum of Modern Art (Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno), the  National Museum of Anthropology and History, the Chapultepec Castle and its lake for canoeing or paddle boating and a Monument to the Heroic Cadets.


Seeing Gold at the Basilica de Guadalupe

Basilica de GuadalupeKnown as the patron saint of Mexico City since 1737, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of two churches built on Tepeyac, a hill just north of downtown Mexico City.  The Basilica is revered as the second-most visited Catholic site in the world next to the Basilica de San Pedro at the Vatican in Rome.

The story goes something like this: In December 1531, 10 years after the Spanish conquered the Aztecs, the Virgin Mary appeared to a poor indigenous farmer named Juan Diego.  Mary instructed Juan Diego to climb the hill and build a church there, a site deemed as sacred by the Aztecs.  To give proof to the Bishop and community, she brings him to find a bundle of flowers in the middle of winter.  Juan Diego put them in his cloak to show the bishop.  When he arrived at the Bishop’s and reached to take out the flowers, they found the image of the Virgin Mary imprinted on the inside of his cloak.

The Bishop ordered that a church be built on the hill.  Juan Diego’s cloak was framed in gold and hangs at the Basilica today.  Millions of Catholics visit the site each year, some who approach the church on their knees.


Multicoloured Splashes all over Coyoacan

Image Courtesy of VisitMexico.comVisit the markets and stalls of Coyoacan for beautiful arrays of its multicolored atmosphere of the open-air weekend markets at Plaza Hidalgo and Jardin Centenario.  In the south west of Mexico City, Coyoacan is home Mexican’s artists, musicians and bohemians.  Visit the markets for arts, crafts, clothes, fortune tellers and street performers.  Lots of cafes and restaurants abound in the area for churros, coffee, quesadillas  and other deep fried and stuffed delicacies.


Green, White and Red in the Plaza de la Constitucion or El Zocalo of Mexico City

Plaza de la ConstitucionAt 240 square meters, the Zocalo or city square of Mexico City is one of the largest in the world, next to Red Square in Moscow.  In the center of the square, you’ll find the green, white and red of the Mexican flag waving proudly over plaza its onlookers.  This square is the political center of Mexico City and has been a gathering place since before the 1500’s.  Today, locals and tourists alike gather at the Plaza de la Constitucion for demonstrations, celebrations, concerts and sporting events.

At El Zocalo, you can also find a number of Mexico City’s important buildings.  To the north, you’ll find the Metropolitan Cathedral and Metropolitan Sagrario.  To the east, you’ll see the National Palace where you can find the office of the President and numerous pieces of artwork from Mexican artists.  To the south and southeast, you’ll find City Hall and the Supreme Court of Justice.  To the west, Monte de Piedad building and the famous Portal de Mercaderes.

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