Dishes you must taste during your visit to Belize

Every country has its own unique sort of cuisine. The cuisine of a country or a region is a part of its culture. It also tells us a lot about the crops they produce and the fruits and veggies they use in their meals. Tasting the different popular dishes of a country will help you understand them better. The personality of a race is reflected in the food they eat. If you are going to Belize for the next vacation then you must eat the different wonderful Belizean dishes. Belizean food is innovative, interesting, delicious and colorful. In this article, you will find out which are the Belizean dishes that you cannot miss.


Belizean Cuisine:

People of different cultural and racial roots live in Belize. As a result, the different, prominent ethnical groups have affected their cuisine. It is a summation of the flavors of different ethnical communities. Bread, flour tortillas and fry jacks are some of the most common items that the Belizeans have for breakfast. Refried beans are a well-known dish in the Belizean households and they mostly have it for breakfast. This dish consists of fried and mashed beans. The Belizean people are fond of their cheeses and love to have milk and cereals in their breakfast table.

For lunch, they usually have beans and rice. Meat pies and tamales are two of the side dishes that they are fond of. They use coconut milk often for cooking the rice and beans. It is an important ingredient. Stewed chicken with garnaches are another famous dish that travelers should not miss. In some of the rural areas, people are fond of fresh seafood; and in others, they use maize and corn flour for making breads. In the following a list of the five most delicious Belizean foods has been given.


Rice, beans and boiled chicken:

The rice, beans and boiled chicken dish is a daily staple for the Belizean people. They have it mostly for lunch. The chicken is usually boiled along with a coloring root called recado, herbs and garlic. Recado gives the dish its spicy red color. Belizean people like to eat simple and filling meals.


Cheesy Cho Cho:

A veggie that belongs to the squash veggie family is cooked and stewed in cheese sauce. It tastes good. Some mistakenly think that they are eating cauliflower in cheese sauce. The funny name makes this dish more interesting.



Escabeche is a special type of Belizean soup. The main ingredient of this soup is chicken. Seasoned with black pepper, jalapenos and lots of onions are used to prepare it. You can have the light yet delicious soup in almost any season.


Carboo Ice-cream:

The Carboo Ice cream is the perfect dessert for a hot and sunny day in Belize. Carboo is a sweet fruit, which tastes good. It is not bigger than a blueberry but available only in red and yellow hues. The ice cream made with these fruits is also red or yellow in color. You may also try the tangy and citric soursop ice cream.


Rainforest Rum Cake:

Never leave a country without tasting their special desserts. The rainforest rum cake is one of the most famous desserts of Belize. A percentage of the total earnings of this cake is contributed for the reforestation of the rainforest.


The Belizean cuisine is simple yet unique. They love to have simple meals of rice and beans cooked with coconut milk. They produce local crops optimally and utilize in their meals.

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