Diving with great white sharks in South Australia

See a Great White while Cage DivingLove a little adrenaline rush pumped by the fear of coming face to face with great white sharks in the wild?  Then here’s a real adventure trip for you – if you’ve got the guts to handle it.

Dive in some of the most dangerous waters in the world

The adventure begins down under in South Australia.  

You’ll stay at the Eyre Peninsula’s Port Lincoln Hotel.  From there, you’ll travel via Calypso Star Charter to the shark-infested waters just 2 hours away near the Calypso Islands.  

South Australia is one of three places in the world where you can go shark diving, not to mention one of the top places in the world for great white sharks year-round.

The shark diving takes place 80km (2½ hours) south of Port Lincoln near the Neptune Islands, one of very few places in the world that boasts great white shark activity all year round, and with excellent visibility. Here the adventurous put on full-length wetsuits, hook up to a respirator (a scuba mask connected to an air supply on the boat) and climb into the cage where up to four people are lowered under the surface to experience the thrill of meeting a great white shark first hand. No diving experience is necessary.

For the less adventurous, there’s also an opportunity to swim with sea lions or swim with tuna.  

This two-night diving package, which includes accommodation in a deluxe ocean view room in the Port Lincoln Hotel, is priced at AUD$1,320  for two people.  A one-night package for two starts at AUD$1,115 and the one-day shark diving trip starts at AUD$495.  Go to or for more. For more info on travelling to South Australia, go to:

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