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Dog-friendly beaches from around the world

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Humans love to spend time on beaches, sitting, relaxing, or playing on the sands. Just as humans, our four- legged partners, dogs, also love beaches but often, pet owners have to leave their partners back home because several beaches do not allow dogs. However, some beaches do not at all mind the presence of dogs. Go through the following list to find out such beaches and treat your canine friend to some exhilarating beach experiences:

Huntington Dog Beach, California

Silhouettes on the Sand

Nestled in the Southern California, the Huntington Dog beach is one every canine would fall for. The beach is so famous and loved by all dog owners that all pet parents love to treat their dogs to this awesome beach. The beach hosts competitions like “Surf City Surf Dog competition” and others, which enable dog owners to flaunt the coolness of their dogs. The donations coming from the members of Huntington Dog Beach are used to keep up the beach. Many dog lovers choose this beach as their wedding venue just because it allows their canine friends to be with them on the most special day of their lives.

Dog-friendly beach, Chichester

Dog-friendly beach (2)

From the end of September until the start of May, dogs can access every area on this beautiful beach. They can roam, sleep, play with the sand and water on this beach, while the owners rest and sun bathe. They are allowed at the beach apart from the aforementioned months but not in front of the beach huts.

Padstow Beach in Cornwall

walk outdoors

The location of the beach is so spectacular that it makes the beach extraordinary as compared to many others. It is so serene and tranquil that you would love to be there so far from the hustle and bustle of the town life. The serenity and the tranquil atmosphere, beautiful colored water and golden sand is what this beach has for human beings, and the long stretch and no dog restrictions is what it offers to dogs. Your dog would not be able to thank you enough for taking it to a place that is so long for a long walk, and allows it to do whatever it feels like.

Compton Bay, Isle of Wight

beautiful girls embracing her dog

This beach welcomes people, who have a penchant for beautiful view, surfing and other water sports, walkers, and ones who like to take their dogs everywhere they go. From Hanover Point to Brook Chine, the beach allows people to bring their dogs and spend a day full of fun there.


Pet lovers, especially dog lovers can do a little bit of research to get the hang of dog-friendly beaches and enjoy their time on the beach with their canine friends.

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