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A new travel Tour Company, Explore Wales, successfully launched before Christmas 2007, has proved a popular choice with tourists travelling UK and Europe. Explore Wales offers a variety of custom as well as set tour options available to travellers who want to experience and explore Wales.

WalesForget Scotland and Ireland – Discover Wales the Welsh Way!

Wales is often overlooked by travellers who prefer to travel its Celtic cousins – Scotland and Ireland, whilst often visiting Cardiff on a day-trip. ‘This situation needs to be addressed’ states Daniel Jones, founder of Explore wales. ‘People need to understand that Wales has an incredible medieval and industrial history and has been in brutal conflict with its bigger more powerful neighbour, England, for over a thousand years. Additionally, Wales boasts incredible unspoilt scenery and the oldest living language in Europe.’ Much of Wales is not easily accessible by public transport, it has only one motorway, hence the best way to see this principality is by an organised tour.

What distinguishes Explore Wales from typical tours is that the trips are all-inclusive proving excellent value for money. Individuals can book on a pre-organised tour or tours can be tailor-made, accommodation can be budget hostels or luxury cottages and guesthouses, and all staff are first language Welsh speakers.

Recent travellers with Explore Wales have been delighted with the experience.  Jean from the United States believes that ‘Wales is the world’s best kept secret’ and Drew wanted to trace back his ancestral roots hoping that he was part welsh! All of which confirms the success Explore Wales has already achieved and its potential to become a big player within this small principality.

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