Explore the Sacred Land of Masai Tribesmen in Kenya

Lamu IslandExplore the sacred legendary land of the Masai tribesmen in Kenya. Now, more than ever, they are eager to share their cultures and wildlife heritage. A land so much favored by the gods that lions, leopards, giraffes, elephants and other wildlife roam freely just ten kilometers from the metropolitan capital city of Nairobi and most of the countryside. This is clearly the closest natural wildlife encounter in the world.

Kenya: A Sacred Land of Contrast

With over forty game reserves, the saying ‘safari was born in Kenya’ becomes truer and truer every day. Spectacular wild game, the rich coral marine parks and the most beautiful beach and resorts in the eastern sea board, not to mention the most recently declared world heritage site – Lamu Island. The annual wildebeest migration in the heart of the Masai land has just been nominated as one of world wonders. Read more about it here: A Family Safari Vacation to Amboseli, Home of the Gods.

Exploring the Culture and Live of the Masai Tribes Today

Visiting the Masai TribeThe bold, courageous and colorful Masai people live in the most native and cultural way imaginable, and a Kenya visit is not complete until you get a chance to visit a Masai village whilst on safari, these people happen to be the most hospitable persons since the Kirgiz ethnic minority.

It’s hard to imagine that until five years ago, Masai warriors were only declared or initiated when one brought home a lion’s head after a week’s survivor trial in the wild.

With tourism and the popular cultural visits the local tribes with a little external help have initiated conservation efforts and they no longer hunt the wildlife but protect it for the tourism revenue. The award winning Illigwesi Lodge was crowned by the British airways as the world’s best eco-tourism destination and today, is wholly run by the local community.

While on safari, you are welcome to any of these small lodges to share in a cultural experience and walk with the locals who now embrace tourism, a life experience no one should miss.

Samburu, El Molo or Pokot Tribes

If do miss the chance don’t worry, you will definitely encounter the Samburu, El Molo or the Pokot tribesmen, who are also eager to welcome you in their sacred and legendary land.

The origin of these tribes is still a misty: all that is known is that they have preserved their culture and heritage for generations and are finally sharing it with the world.

Lamu Island for the Complete African Safari Vacation

A typical Africa safari vacation program should include a wilderness game safari with cultural visits to one or two of the above cultures and at the very end a white sandy beach or one of the islands at the coast line completes your holiday.
If you could spare three to four days, Lamu Island is a must-see. It’s probably the only community in the modern world that doesn’t have or need vehicles. A man without a donkey in Lamu is commonly referred to in Swahili as, yes, you guessed right: a donkey!

Henry Kahuki is an online safari consultant based in Kenya. The operator of Magical Africa Safaris Ltd.:, an eco-friendly safari agency catering for family safaris, senior travels, individual safaris and camping offers comprehensive Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

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