Extra Luggage? $25 Please, says United Airlines

The next time you fly with United Airlines, be sure to pack light.

United Airlines announced February 4 2008 that beginning in May 5 2008, travelers flying with United Airlines will have to pay an extra $25 to check in a second piece of luggage or baggage. Customers that purchase their tickets on or after February 4 2008 will also be subject to this extra fee, if applicable.

Who will have to pay?

Lots of luggageThis will only be applicable to travelers who purchase non-refundable domestic economy tickets. The extra charge will not be applied for those who have Premier status, Mileage Plus, Silver status, or Star Alliance status. For all international flights (not including Canada), checking in a second piece of luggage will be free and fees for other special or overweight baggage will depend on the destination.

How much?

To check a second piece of luggage, the cost will be $25. For those checking in up to four additional bags, it will cost $100 per bag. Special baggage that require special handling due to being over-size, over-weight or fragile, will cost between $100 to $200 – depending on the item. Fees can be paid at airport kiosks or at check-in counters via credit card, cheque or cash.

Why the extra charges?

It is estimated that this change in cost will generate more than $100 million yearly for the company in savings and new revenue.

John Tague, executive vice president and chief revenue officer of United Airlines argues: “This change enables us to continue offering customers competitive fares, and it fits with our overall strategy to tailor our products and services around what our customers value most and are willing to pay for, as we have with our popular Economy Plus seating.” Further, he notes: “Our customer research shows that only about one in four customers check a second bag, and with this new policy, customers who check extra bags may continue to do so for a service fee, which enables us to offer competitive fares to everyone.”

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