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Extreme Heli Skiing Extravagance in Canada

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Got an extra $21,000 for a ski trip?

Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) has just introduced a new heli ski excursion for 2008, called the “Nomads Week” and it will cover and adventure on pristine, completely un-skied territory – all for $21,000 – probably the most expensive ski package offered.

CMH is the largest Heli-Skiing company in the world and is based in Banff, Alberta. They were the ones to invent and first to offer heli-skiing and have been doing so since 1965. It is also popular in Alaska, Valdez, Whistler, British Columbia, Alberta, and elsewhere in Canada.

Heli-skiing is off-trail downhill skiing accessible only by helicopter, rather than typical ski resort lifts. Skiers are dropped from a to various alpine locations and terrain – giving skiers a different and more adventurous experience of skiing inaccessible otherwise. Heli-skiing is also available in the USA, Alaska, Greenland, New Zealand, Indian Himalayas, Russia, Turkey, Sweden, Finland, Argentina, Chile and Europe.

The Nomads Week

HelicopterThe Nomads Week will be available from January 26 to March 15, 2008 and will cost $21,000 per person, or $168,000 for 8 skiers. Each trip is limited to 8 skiers who will be accompanied by 3 guides. As with many other expensive and luxury trips, a chauffer will be at your beck and call, but rather than driving a Rolls Royce, you’ll be driven around in a helicopter.

The trip will span two large mountain ranges in British Columbia and five separate heli-skiing areas. In total, the area covered with be half the size of Switzerland. Here is the itinerary:

  • Begin at the Monashee Mountains
  • Work south to the Selkirk Mountains
  • Ending in the Kootenay

Accommodations will be provided at CMH’s Monashee or Adamant Lodges and the last three evenings will be spent at the luxurious Halcyon Hot Springs Village and Spa.

17 hours of helicopter flying is included in this price. Extra hours are at a cost of $4,054 per flying hour. If groups use less than 17 hours of flying, they will be refunded at $5,000 per flying hour.

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