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taking care of your motor home

Factors to keep in mind for taking care of your motor home or RV

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Renting or purchasing a Motor home is a dream that many have. It is a great way to travel and live on wheels and many old retirees even decide to live full time in a RV. However, to own one of these moving homes requires much more than the installment payments. The vehicle, much like a house is always in need of some work, and it can become hefty on the wallet. If you are wondering what upkeep is needed for RV or Motor home, then here is a small list to help you out.

Fuel costs

taking care of your motor home

By far the most expensive daily expense is the cost of fuel. There are varying factors accountable for this such as the amount of distance one is traveling and the terrain that RV travels on, and most importantly the size of the RV itself. Most RVs are diesel run though, considering the fact that there is a competition between the commercial trucks, and RV’s, the prices of diesel are a little higher for higher quantity of diesel.


The RV’s Insurance is probably the first operation expense and choosing the correct insurance is vital. Additional insurance coverage should be enough if you use the RV only for weekend outings. This is why it is essential to have the correct type of insurance, as it will provide a special type of homeowner coverage for the liabilities. However, insurance is very expensive, but if the RV will be used more frequently then you should consider it.

Daily Maintenance

Repairing and servicing the RV are ongoing expenses. That is why you need to ensure that you keep it in mind before you buy or hire an RV. Many items in the RV are degradable and will wear with time. On an average every 5,000 miles or so a motor home would need oil changes and filters replacements which can add up to your expenses. The brakes would often need servicing. An extended warranty might help reduce these costs but you should expect them.

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning and Care

Proper care must be taken of the RV to make sure it does not look stained. A mild detergent should be used for washing. Seasoned users understand the importance of keeping their RVs in a good condition. But in case if you are a new user then you should make sure that you give a thorough cleaning to the vehicle every now and then. You should check its fluid levels regularly.

Most trailers come equipped with a fire extinguisher but if there is not one, make sure to put one there, along with a gas leak detector which should also be checked routinely (every three months).  The tires should be inspected before each trip. RVs often lie in the sun and this can make them less durable and make cracks appear on them. Buying a Tire cover is a good option that many people do not consider. Another aspect to take care of is the lights: One should make sure they are all in good working order before embarking.  The door hinges of the RV must be checked to make sure they are tight and there are no air leaks.

Parking expenses

The final expense is parking. Parking a four seater car or van is one thing, an RV totally another. One can stop at truck stops at night to keep the cost less as usually there are no costs for parking at truck stops. There are also RV “resorts” where one’s vehicle can be parked but it can be expensive.

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