Family-Favorite Travel Destinations To Visit This 2017

Looking to take your entire family to several awesome destinations this year? Looking for just one grand vacation paradise where everyone will enjoy the nature, structures and activities? We got you covered. Before booking your trip, remember to view a travel insurance quote online to spare yourself from last-minute price surges or any travel-related risks. After all, it always pay to explore scenic beauty around with a carefree mind.

Now here are some family-favorite travel destinations that are worth considering this year.

Ultimate city break in Rome

Piazza Navona, Rome. Italy

Everyone in the family will be happy wandering the Eternal City of Rome. The historical metropolitan offers plenty of ways to experience its history, from museums, parks, buildings, statues, and hundreds of other things. Even walking on the streets gives off a welcome sense of old history. Of course, you may also find that a lazy afternoon meal in one of the many piazzas here will be the most memorable moment of the entire trip.

A jungle safari in Costa Rica

If you want your family to experience a wildlife adventure, then Costa Rica is the perfect destination. This eco-haven finds its obvious mention among the world’s happiest countries. Plus, if you’re looking for variety, you would love exploring a bevy of wildlife adventures within a small geographical location. There are sure to be something for all. While you occupy yourself in watching monkeys, macaws, and sloths, children can rummage at the ground level to watch the poison-arrow frog.

The luxurious Dubai

Burj Al Arab Hotel

Dubai’s tropical desert is quite known for an average temperature of 25 degree Celsius with no traces of rain at all. Just last year, several new theme parks opened, which include the IMG Worlds of Adventure, further including the Legoland, Motiongate, and Bollywood Dubai. Apart from lounging by the pool and drinking cocktails, you can take your kids to activity zones with themes like Kung Fu Panda or Shrek.

Paradise Island trip in the Philippines

Boracay is a world-famous beach both for its powdery, talcum fine white sand and scenic crystal blue seascape. Families with kids in tow flock the island because it offers something for everyone in the family. Parasailing, scuba diving, cliff-diving, zip-lining, island-hopping, swimming, late-night partying – it’s all here. Perak season starts in November onwards, so expect prices to go up a little.

Insuring your family


Insuring your family is a must when traveling abroad. And no, travel insurances aren’t even that expensive, especially if you first get travel insurance quote from different websites who offer this service. Here are some considerations:

  • Purchase the right policy: A family policy, multi-trip is usually affordable compared to a single-trip policy if you plan to travel frequently in one year.
  • Be wary of age limits: If your dependent children at university or college are accompanying you, be sure to have a family policy in place.
  • State any special needs: You need to ensure alerting the insurer about any pre-existing medical condition of any of your members. It will help you stay duly covered.

Time to start planning your next family adventure!

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