Key Things to Remember for First Time Campers

Camping is one of the most fulfilling, exciting activities you can set out on; and, as a first-time camper, it can almost seem daunting when it comes to planning and preparing for the big trip ahead. Whether you’re heading out in a campervan, spending a week in a glamping hut, or you’ve opted for the traditional tent camping, there are a few things to remember to keep your trip flowing smoothly and ensure it’s exciting and relaxing.


Choosing a beautiful location is always very beneficial. Finding yourself surrounded by gorgeous scenery is one of the best ways to have a really great camping experience, and it’ll help you to relax and switch off, too! It’s also good to choose some place that will suit the type of trip you want. For example, a location with lots of family activities is ideal if you and the family are going camping, whereas a location with long walks and petite cafes is ideal for couples and smaller groups.

Careful Packing

It’s so easy to pack everything but the kitchen sink when you go camping, as you just never know what you might need. You need to kick this mindset however, as packing too much will make it harder for you throughout your trip. For those in a campervan, you have a confined space which needs to be utilised properly, not overfilled. When it comes to tents, you don’t want to pack too much as it won’t all fit! Pack the essentials first, and then go on to packing additional items that you could live without but would like to have with you. This will help you to keep things concise and prevent you from carrying too much unnecessary stuff with you.

Prepare and Plan

Before you set off on your adventure, do a little research to give you a better idea of where you’re going and what to expect. Researching the campsite, you’re going too will help you to decide what items you need, such a swimming costume if the site has a swimming pool and so on. You can also research the location you’re heading to. Checking the weather, distance to other popular places, and things to do in that area is great idea. Finally, you can plan the things you want to do when you get there. These plans may vary as your trip goes on, but having a rough idea will help you to make a fun-filled schedule!

Home Comforts

While going camping is full of exciting activities and new adventures, there may be times when you want a little bit of home with you. When it comes to settling down after a long, busy day of exploring, you may want to read a good book, snuggle into your favourite blanket in your cosy campervan bed or simply eat your favourite meal. Packing items that make you feel at home and settled is a really good idea to ensure you’re comfortable and happy throughout your trip. You don’t have to overpack and bring your whole bedroom, just simple, personal items that will help you to relax.

Keep Warm

Whether you’re in a campervan, tent or glamping hut, it can still get cold on an evening, so it’s important to pack plenty of clothing and bedding to keep you warm and cosy on an evening. Pack extra jumpers and socks in case they get wet in the rain, double up on the blankets and even take a hot water bottle just to be on the safe side!

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