Five amazing places to visit in Macau

 If you are planning some weekend getaway or looking for a holiday destination in Asia, then Macau is the answer to all your questions. Macau is like a paradise where you will surely enjoy your trip and will plan a visit again. If you want to have a ride on water then you can reach Macau by boat from Hong Kong. The best places of Macau will surely give your vacation an amazing touch.


Macau Tower

Macau Convention and Research Centre also known as Macau Tower is situated in Republic of China. Until 1999, Macau used to be a part of Portuguese colony. This 338-meter high tower is real gem of Macau and one of the main tourist spots in Macau. If you stand on the observation deck at night then you can have an eye catching, panoramic view of the Pearl River. This tower is used as a Business Centre for conferences as well as Banquet hall. If you are adventurous and want to experience real fun then you can go to its Bungee jumping centre.


Senado Square

If you are going to Macau for shopping or have a relaxing time at restaurants, then Senado Square is the place for you. This shopping hub spread in 3700 square meters, which is the main stop for food junkies and people who want to have fun. This Mosaic architecture is also known for its art and color stones. It is the hub of all cultural activities happening in Macau. During festival season, the place is crowded by dragons, which give it a lively look. Next time you visit Macau then do visit Senado Square, it will give you an amazing experience.


Macau Fisherman’s wharf

As we go by its name, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf is not a place for fishing.  It’s a shopping hub and paradise for people visiting here and for locals. Its construction involved five years and after successfully completing trial period, it was made public in 2006. It is located near Macau Ferry Pier. The place was built with an idea to give it a look of various sea spots like that of Venice and Amsterdam. It contains 150 restaurants and many stores for shopping. It also has an amazing casino with a 72-room hotel. Therefore, if you are looking for places in Macau to do shopping and for having fun then do visit this place.


Macau Museum of Art

If you are planning a trip to Macau and love to see art and culture then surely add this place in your itinerary. This museum is a cultural complex having five floors. First two floors are for daily exhibitions. The historical and cultural pieces along with iconic paintings are kept at third and fourth floor. This museum is a symbol of Macau’s art, culture and history. It also preserves the work of western and Chinese school students.



Divided in two parts, Taipa is the one of the most famous islands of Macau. The first part is full of shops, cultural landmarks, some good traditional restaurants and some museums. Taipa is located between peninsula of Macau and Coloane Island that are separated by Pearl River.

Earlier Taipa was a rural part of Macau but since 21s century the island was face lifted and now has many good hotels, casinos, malls and a famous racecourse Jockey Club. This island has Macau International Airport. It also consists of two Taipa hills meant for cycling and hiking. If you do not own a bicycle then you can have it on rent here.


If you want to spend you vacations in a place having diverse entertainment spots including adventures, museums, islands, historical and art places and shopping hub, then Macau is the right choice for you.

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