Five most beautiful islands of China

China celebrated Marine Tourism year in 2013. World Heritage Institute and Asia-Pacific Environmental Protection Association have published a new list of the most amazing and beautiful islands of China. Travelers from all over the world visit the beautiful islands of China. There are both small and big islands that belong to China. Make a list of the best islands of China and stay in each island for a few days during your next holiday to soak in the local culture and enjoy the beautiful natural landscape. In the following, we have listed five of the top islands of China.

 Zhoushan Island

Zhoushan Island:

Zhoushan Island is the biggest island of the Zhejiang Province. It is also the fourth largest island of the entire China. The island is spread over a 476.17 square kilometers vast area. There are many visits worthy places in this island. For example, you must visit the Shrine of the Three Loyalists and the remaining parts of the Town of Daotou. The fresh and delicious seafood will make you contented. The best time for visiting this lovely island is between June and October because during this part of the year the weather stays pleasant and enjoyable.

 Hailing Island

Hailing Island:

The Hailing Island is another beautiful island, which is situated in Yangjiang City. To visit this island you will have to travel to the Guangdong Province. This island is also referred to as the Oriental Hawaii. The lovely white sand of this island offers nice contrast to the deep blue sea surrounding it. It is famous not only for the lovely natural scenery but also for the historical sites, you will get to see here. Some of the popular local tourist spots are Zhenhai Pavilion, Linggu Temple and Taifu Temple. You should also visit part of the Silk Road of the Sea Museum where you will find a well-preserved ancient Chinese ship.


Temple Island:

If you travel to the Danya Mountain of Penglai City and climb the mountain then you will get to see many little yet spectacular islands below, scattered like pearls on the chest of deep blue sea. The Temple Islands are called “Fairytale Lands in the Sea.” The lovely white sand beaches have an out-worldly charm, which you cannot ignore. There are total 32 islands, which form the Temple Islands. The main islands are the north and south Changshan Island. In the south Changshan Island, you will find a large Migratory Bird Pavilion. The reefs of North Changshan Island are popular among tourists for their exquisite beauty.

 Hainan Island

Hainan Island:

It will take an hour to travel by air from Hong Kong to the Hainan Island. It is located at the southernmost point of China. This is the second largest island of China and offers a lot to the travelers. It has different names from the adoring locals and tourists. Some call it the Coconut Island and others call it the Sunshine Island. This is a great place for spending your summer vacation.

Taiwan Island

Taiwan Island:

The Taiwan Island is located in the southeastern parts of China. On its east, there is the gigantic Pacific Ocean; and on its west, there is the Taiwan Strait. This huge island is spread over a vast area of 35,780 square kilometers. The Taiwan Island connects Chinese mainland with the other countries in the Pacific Ocean. The landscape of this island offers great variety. You will find mountains, hot springs, volcanoes and thick forests here.


The Chinese islands are worthy of praise. They have beautiful and varied landscape. Travelers often visit more than one island during their vacations.

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