Five best travel trends for wellness

Wellness tourism worldwide aims at improving the well-being of their travelers by making the wellness travel accessible and fun for maximum number of the people. They make your travel experience inspiring, relaxing and reconnecting while exploring the nature.

Wellness tourism worldwide has released some travel trends for the current year which are based on several detailed studies like site visits, Iiterary reviews, surveys, interviews and feedbacks from consumers, healthcare professionals and wellness experts.

According to Camile Hoheb who is the founder of Wellness Tourism Worldwide and Editor of the Wellness Travel Journal, the variety of health and fitness options in the wellness tour provide an entire other worldly experience and hence will force people to think about their vacation tours with a new perception to improve their health, happiness and productivity. This article contains five best wellness travel trends of the year 2014. They are as follows –

travel trends for wellness

Mind matters:

In the fast moving and busy world of today, more and more travelers are looking for holiday options that would offer them mental peace and take them away from the clatter of the cities and pollution to relieve the stress of their mind. It is becoming necessary for travel agencies to plan for trips that provide maximum amount of mental restoration to the travelers. The demand for mindful vacations is increasing day by day. You should look for a trip that provides you learning of activities such as yoga, meditation, Qi-going and journaling as they are very beneficial and also can be included in your daily schedule at home to manage stress, enhance your emotional balance and improve mental capacity.


Looking for Personal Enrichment:

The awareness among people about the importance of their being well rather than their craving for fitness and diet has lead to their search for activities that would be able to bring about a change. Hence, they are looking for tours that would aim at enhancing their personal enrichment as being a part of their travel.


Wellness Travel Agents:

Wellness Travel is a growing marketing area with its own requirements, customers and products with the increase in trips that aim to enhance your mind, body and spirit. The acceptance, credibility and value of wellness travel is increasing day by day among the consumers giving rise to employment opportunities such as such as wellness travel agents and wellness travel expert.


Affluent and Altruistic:

Nowadays, people are becoming aware of the fact that an unselfish concern for people’s happiness and welfare also leads to their well-being. Hence, there is a tremendous increase in the number of volunteer travelers. Financially sound people are in search of such travel experience, which can lead to their personal growth and discovery through charitable actions and getting close to the local communities.


Spas on the Mission:

Spas provide an amazing relaxation to our mind and body and effectively relieve our stress, and provide us freshness. The spas are at an attempt to stop the general thinking that spas are only meant for the rich with an aim to step up in the wellness market. The spas are rebranding their image not as affluent pampers but as wellness providers in order to gain more and more hold of the market.


These wellness travel tips will open doors to new world to both, the customers and the travelers. These trends will help the businesses to refine their business strategies and motivate customers to think of their travel in a different way as a step to their personal investment. These travel trends will increase the awareness and transformation of the travelers.

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