Five most engaging Public transit options

Travelling pursuits can be marred away if you don’t get a proper transportation. The true experience requires more than getting an impression of the significant sights through a transport window. In any case, vehicle-based touring might be an incredible approach to get a visual taste of a spot before swooping in for a more critical look. The world’s best urban communities have dependable, safe and functional open transportation arrangements that offer the same sort of touring knowledge as a transport tour along with cheap rates and a guide. Starting from the trains that provide a bird’s-eye perspective of the boulevards to ships that give amazing horizon scenes and exemplary transports that give riders a taste of the most  popular urban milestones, there are more than enough opportunities to see the best sights in any city for just a couple of dollars.

Here is the list of top rated transportation options around the world.


  • San Fran’s Trains, Cable Cars is known for providing best travelling experience to its customers. Its cable car service is rendered as iconic, and three cable car routes are still in use. These routes are mainly used by tourists only. These cable cars run through the city and provide the best possible view. Along with that, BART trains and Mini light rail trains also provide access to city and wider Bay area. Some ferries travel around the Bay to provide its travelers a decent view of the waterfront.

"El" train

  • Chicago’s Elevated Train service is also famous across the channel for its sightseeing. Although not all neighborhoods in the city are worth seeing, but Central Loop area served by multiple train lines has got significant value when it comes to sightseeing. The Chicago Elevated Train networks is generally or colloquially rendered as the “L”. The price of the standard train ticket of L is almost 2.25 USD, regardless of its distance.


  • London’ Double Decker Buses, though iconic, still ply the city’s streets by providing several million rides a day. The modern version of double Decker bus is as amazing as the ancient one. With more than 700 routes in the city, double Decker bus service makes it very easy for travelers to find something than runs near the place a traveler wants to see. The most popular sightseeing route is No.74, which generally passes through museums, Harrods Department and the famous Baker Street from Sherlock Holmes.


  • It is a notion universally acknowledged that Hong Kong has one the world’s most impressive skylines. The compendium of skyscrapers with captivating hills rising behind can be seen both from Hong Kong’s Island and from Kowloon Waterfront areas. All this can be viewed from an iconic ride named as Star Ferry. People use these boats for commuting, but with the involvement of tourism in Hong Kong, they have been of great usage for sightseeing. These ferries are crowded and it’s very hard to get the ticket. However, the tickets are very cheap and affordable to everyone.


  • Bangkok is an impossible city when it comes to navigation. The grid-like construction of its roads makes it very difficult for travelers to enjoy the scenery of Bangkok. Sky trains in this scenario have played the role of an angel as they not only help the travelers to rise above the gridlock but also provide them with a chance to sightsee the beautiful mix of historical, modern and cultural buildings of Bangkok. Like Sky trains, Bangkok’s water taxis are also great for sightseeing purposes. These boats are luxuriously furnished and are sprayed on continuous basis to keep passengers away from pollution of canal water.

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