Five most famous Catacombs full of mystery and history

Underground attractions brag a feeling of interest and a lot of excitement unlike anything you’re liable to see at road level. Need to appreciate the shocking vibe that hails from the world’s most intriguing underground attractions? Then, have a look at top five picks, including those in Vietnam, London, Austria, Rome, and even in Vienna.  


  • Cu Chi Tunnel goes on to make one of Vietnam’s most interesting and eye-catching underground networks. It is an attraction from war-era of 1975. This tunnel is found near the town of Cu Chi, which is about 40 miles from Ho Chi Minh City. The tunnels almost include an area of 120 miles in length and the passageways are only 2 to 3 feet in diameter. There are also underground barracks, command center and mess halls, which provide its visitors a full scenario of war-era. Some areas are so narrow that visitors can only crawl through them, while some are now widened to accommodate more tourists.
  • One of the best ways to connect you with London’s past and present is to have a glimpse of its famous ‘Underground’. Locals now call these undergrounds the Tube, which are one the world’s best underground networks. These networks depict about two past centuries’ history of London. Tourists and Travelers of these Tubes can also view the stations, which were used as shelters against bombs during World War II. Those who are interested in discovering more mysteries and thrills can open their eyes to the planned tours of ‘ghost stations’.


  • Eisriesenwelt is an expensive yet natural cavern in Austria. It is outside of the city of Salzburg. People say that it is far more than a common cave destination and is considered the world’s largest ice cave. Eisriesenwelt has mind-blowing rock and ice formations, and includes many stunning frozen waterfalls and translucent pillars of ice. Thus, the ice formation makes Eisriesenwelt the most visually attractive cave of the world. Due to this factor, it attracts tourists from across the channel. The cave is so narrow that only small groups of tourists are allowed to enter at a time. The temperature inside is freezingly low even during summers and that is the reason, may be, the tour season is from May to October.


  • Vienna is also very famous across the globe for its Tunnels and Cellars. Many tourists visit Vienna to soak themselves in the classical and historical architecture. The Tunnels and Cellars of Vienna are different from others. Their atmosphere gives a look of past of Vienna. Along with cellars and Tunnels, the underground of Vienna also has sewers and narrow passageways. The famous movie ‘The Third Man’ featuring Orson Welles was filmed in these tunnels. Tourists can also visit Baroque-era wine cellars and can have wine in them. They can also view the excavated Roman ruins and relics.
  • The most famous and possibly the most impressive of all catacombs are found in Rome. Many civilizations presided here and left their marks of presence. These catacombs in Rome trace the colorful history of this city and depict its violent history from medieval era to the modern era. These underground networks are full with stacked skulls and human bones displayed in an unusual pattern. Tourists come from farther places just to have a glimpse of these tunnels. Many of Roman ruins from Ceaser’s time and tiles of different ancient churches are also displayed here.

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