Five most photogenic cities in the world

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders. For every individual his or her birth city holds a special place. The city where we live is beautiful in our eyes and a big reason behind this is the way we attach our memories with this city. However, the photographers try to find out places where every picture they take looks perfect. There are some cities where even an amateur photographer cannot take a bad picture. Every frame is not just perfect but brilliant. If you too want to take such magnificent pictures then visit some of the most photogenic cities around the world. Here is a list of five of the most photogenic cities of the world.


Istanbul, Turkey:

Istanbul is considered one of the most photogenic countries for several reasons. Not only it is a gorgeous city with many contrasting cultures and a beautiful cityscape but it also has a rich history. A picture will look perfect when it captures beauty with substance. Istanbul is the city where the eastern and western cultures mingle freely. Tradition and modernism goes hand in hand. Take shots of the city sky during sunset and capture the magnificent mosques and minarets basking in the orange light of setting sun.



Moscow is still the most brilliant and photogenic Russian city. It has a lot to offer to its visitors and photographers. Roam around the city and you will get thousands of opportunities of taking brilliant pictures. Head to the Red Square and you will understand why we have put Moscow in this list. Flamboyant and vibrant colors have been used for decorating the city and its numerous buildings. Moscow is also a great place for studying the ancient Russian architecture. Gorky Park, St. Basil Cathedral and Kremlin are some of the best places for taking pictures.


Oia/ Santorini, Greece:

Oia looks like a city straight out of some fairytale book. This picturesque city is situated in the Santorini island of Greece. Chiseled photographers visit Oia to capture some fabulous pictures of the place. The photograph of Oia is used for making calendars and picture postcards. Oia is also called the White Stone city because all the houses on the volcanic island have been painted white. The white stone castles and multi-tier restaurants make the landscape of this city more attractive. You can get some amazing shots of the Aegean Sea from the top. The rising sun paints the city pink and the setting sun gives it an orange tint. You will get numerous opportunities for shooting the best pictures of your life here.



Another city that provides some brilliant opportunity for taking pictures is the City of Lights, Paris. With the Eiffel tower as a backdrop, you cannot take a single bad picture. Anything you shoot will turn out to be stylish and fun. The Moulin Rogue, Louver, and Notre Dame Cathedral are also good places for photography if you know how to do it right. The traditional French architecture and the beautiful Seine River makes the pictures look perfect.

 New York

New York:

If you want to take perfect pictures with a modern, urban city life theme in mind then go to New York. The Time’s Square alone can fulfill your heart’s desire. Go to this part of the city in the evening for capturing some of the best shots. State of Liberty and Empire State Building are two of the many places for taking beautiful snaps.


There are many spectacular places around the world for experienced photographers but the amateurs should visit only the picture perfect cities.

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