Five startling destinations from the US Travel Advisory List

People do not generally seek travel guidance from the US Travel Advisory List. This list offers both Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts. The Travel Warning is given for countries that must not be visited ever due to some social or political issues. The Travel Alert just tells us about places where we cannot go due to some temporary problem like an epidemic outbreak or adverse weather conditions. There are travelers who only visit safe places where there is no chance of a Taliban attack or a sudden hurricane. Many people like to visit odd places where they get a chance to find some bizarre adventure. Here are some danger prone places from the US Travel Advisory List for fearless and gutsy travelers.



There is very little understandable reason why Kenya has secured a place in the US Travel Advisory List. It is a lovely East African country for nature lovers or animal gazers. Kenya has the best wildlife parks of the country along with beautiful coral reefs and mountain ranges. Visit the scenic lakes in the Rift Valley and go to the Hell’s Gate National Park. Camping at the grounds of this national park will give you a chance to wake up surrounded by peace loving gazelles and zebras.



Vietnam is not a rich country but it has an exotic yet serene beauty that can charm any traveler’s heart. The rich culture of the southeastern regions of Asia will spellbind you. The cuisine is simple yet full of flavors and the landscape may seem simple but it has more natural beauty than you can imagine. You can travel throughout the country visiting the Hindu Temple in the Ho Chi Minh City. There are lovely grottos, mountains and beaches in Vietnam that hard-core travelers will love to explore. Get yourself a water buffalo from the Bac Ha market.



This lovely country is in the US Travel Advisory List due to the high crime rates. There is a high chance that some anti-social groups will kidnap you. The natural beauty of Colombia would reward the brave hearted travelers. There are picturesque snow capped volcanic mountains and serene beaches that look untouched by humanity and corruption. The innocent beauty of Colombia is combined with classy nightclubs and cobblestoned streets. Drug rackets have destroyed the reputation of Colombia but a visit too this beautiful country can be enchanting.



The Palestinian Islamic Jihad and ongoing terrorist activities have made Syria a very risky place for travelers. This Islamic country has a beauty of its own, which you will definitely not find anywhere else. Tourists have often fallen in love with the beauty of this country. You will be transported to a biblical time if you choose to travel through the Damascus Road. You can visit many exotic and colorful markets on this legendary, ancient road. Also, visit the ruins of ancient times at Palmyra. Syria is one of the most pocket friendly places on earth that you can visit. Daily expenses per person will not go above $25.



Iran is definitely a dangerous place to visit in the present international political circumstances but if you can manage a visa then the trip can be wonderful. There are several historical places in Iran that you can visit and the natural landscapes are very beautiful as well. According to a Persian proverb, “Isfahan is half of the world”.


The danger prone countries that have been listed in the US Travel Advisory List are also great travel destinations but only for the brave-hearts. If you really want to make your next holiday thrilling, visit one of these destinations.

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