Four green travel deals to Central America

Discover El Salvador, an emerging and unexplored destination; watch the sunsets on the sweeping coastline of Nicaragua; or take that trip to Costa Rica you’ve always wanted. Green and eco-friendly adventures are easier than you think with GreenSpot Travel.

GreenSpot has designed trips that allow you to experience the best of these countries, in a green way.  Accommodations such as ecolodges in Costa Rica’s rainforests, camping on tented platforms in El Salvador or rooms high up in the canopy in Panama have been selected for their environmentally sustainable practices as well as their contribution to the local economy and conservation of the natural areas in which they’re located.

While anything is possible with a green trip, from the most luxurious ecolodges, to rustic cabanas and camping, GreenSpot has designed a few vacations that make green adventure lighter on the budget but allow you to indulge, just a little.  These trips combine the best in adventure and culture of each destination.

Four green-friendly trips to Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador & Nicaragua

Costa RicaCosta Rica Green, Mountain and Beach Escape:
This is an ideal family vacation or trip for a couple or small group. Explore the misty cloud forest and an active volcano, soak in natural hot springs and relax, surf and play at an off-the-beaten-path luxury green beach resort. This flexible and affordable trip allows you to add your own activities or just relax in the tropical weather with only the soothing sound of the waves. From $1695 per person with GreenSpot.Travel.

El Salvador Volcanoes & Surf Adventure:  
El SalvadorBet you didn’t know the little country of El Salvador had multiple volcanoes, some of the best surfing in the world, indigenous villages up in the highlands and opportunities for mountain biking and ziplining!  This vacation is designed for the adventurous, with hikes up to the Volcanoes Biosphere Reserve, boating on the magnificent crater lake Coatepeque, and surfing on the beaches of El Cocal, rated one of the top surfing beaches in the world. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you’ll get to do some camping out in the rainforest on tented platforms! From $1180 per person with GreenSpot.Travel.

Mayan RuinsCulture & Unexplored Highlands of El Salvador:
Get ready for something new all you culture junkies. This vacation is designed to let you in on some of El Salvador’s fascinating secrets. On this trip you will see a true convergence of the old and new, traditional and modern, with colonial villages, world class art museums and galleries, indigenous highland villages, Mayan ruins, mystical healing traditions and rituals, and have the chance to join in with an indigenous music group on hand-crafted native instruments. You will also get the chance to learn about coffee farming, visit with locals in their home, and get some relaxing beach time in on the Pacific Ocean. Be one of the first to get to know El Salvador on a different level. From $1240 per person with GreenSpot.Travel.

NicaraguaCulture and Green in Nicaragua:
Culture and connection. Nicaragua is a little known destination with colonial history, architecture and tradition. There are uncrowded beaches, active volcanoes, nesting sea turtles, picturesque towns with locals happy to chat, dense jungles full of wildlife… Did you know all that? This trip is designed to show you the fascinating culture, magnificent volcanoes and intriguing history of Nicaragua while contributing to conservation and the local economy. From $1480 per person with GreenSpot.Travel.

GreenSpot can help you decide on a destination, or help you design your own trip, it’s what we do best. GreenSpot’s travel expertise has been recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as being Costa Rica’s Top Travel Specialist for the past three years in a row!  Visit for more information or contact us at [email protected].

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