Fun Cruise Themes to Spice Up Your Next Cruise

So you’re thinking of going on a cruise?

There are lots of fun activities, unique alternatives, and exciting themes that are available today on many different cruise lines. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, why not check out some of these cruises to spice up your vacation!Wine and Food

Wine & Food. Yum! These voyages are a must for any foodie or aspiring chef. Watch while professional chefs prepare fine and exquisite dishes or get lessons. Tour the Spice Route or the Mediterranean and experience the best cultural foods and dishes, while wine-taste at world renowned vineyards.

For the Golf Enthusiast. Since golf is a very popular sport, especially with cruises, there are many cruise companies that offer golf themed cruises. For example, Crystal Cruises offers a golf themed cruise which takes you through the British Isles and its golf courses. Professional golf instructors as well as celebrity and professional golfers are on hand, and while at sea, golf workshops and training sessions are offered.

YogaZen and Body. In a popular age of spiritualism, some cruises offer themes to help you clear your mind, relax your body, and feed your soul. At these cruises, classes and lectures are offered on Yoga, Pilates, Feng-Shui, wellness, and spirituality – by expert professionals. For example, in June 2008, Regent Seven Seas Cruises will offer a cruise featuring Deepak Chopra that will be “a life-changing voyage that will help you reverse the aging process and tap into your inner reservoirs of energy, creativity, and fulfillment.”

For Photographers, Click Click. Many tourists are very interested in photography. Why not pack up your Nikon D3 and check out a photography-themed cruise. One trip offered by Regent Seven Seas Cruise offers a trip from Athens in Greece through to Turkey, Egypt, Oman, and to Dubai in United Arab Emirates. These cruise trips are a great way to capture Africa, Europe, Middle East, the Mediterranean and Asian countries, which offer rich and dynamic landscapes.Jaz

Broadway Buffs, Entertainment Junkies, Music and Dancing. Broadway, circus, murder mystery, film festivals, TV show themes, cartoon or action figures, jazz or 70’s music themes, and disco or Spanish styled dancing. Many cruises offer themes geared towards Broadway lovers, Love Boat fans, dancing, as well as music admirers. Be ready to hit many of the related site and to get a full injection of the theme throughout the entire voyage.

So for your next cruise, why not try out one of these great themed cruises to add a little zing to your vacation.

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