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The battlefields of Europe and North Africa, where we take our tours, are still much the same as they were in the 1940s when the fighting took place. Now these battlefields are marked by stark but beautiful, carefully-tended cemeteries where servicemen and women, at the time, were laid to rest in peace.

We are a team of senior soldiers who, between them, have been to Oxford University and have taught war studies at the Staff College and at Oxford. We have also lived in Northern France and know the countryside between Normandy, Berlin, South Italy, Crete and North Africa very well: we have walked over this area many times.

We bring the past campaigns to life, and offer commentary from a practical and academic point of view, of all the interpretations of recent and rather older accounts that you may have heard or studied.

On the way to the Battle of the SommeAbout the Battlefield Tours

Normandy is our most popular battlefield site but battlefield tours of Arnhem/Nijmegen, Monte Cassino, Crete and North Africa, the Battle of the Somme in 1916 and the Third Battle of the Ypres 1917 are available. These are known as some of the bloodiest wars of our time.

You will be moved, thrilled and enlightened, cry at times and laugh often. So walk with us through the countryside and see the battlefields in all their detail, serious and light-hearted – our days are designed for people like you with an intellectual curiosity and an interest in seeing the history of Europe and North Africa.

A tour for a party of 4 costs €390. Fees for larger parties and Veterans are negotiated. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind experience of the Battle Fields in Germany, Italy and North Africa.

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